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'Shinsegae' shopping mall renounces all trademark rights of 'BTS' to Big Hit Entertainment


On January 7, representatives from 'Shinsegae' shopping mall stepped forward to officially renounce all trademark rights of the brand "BTS" to Big Hit Entertainment.

Since 2017, Big Hit Entertainment and 'Shinsegae' shopping mall have been involved in a legal dispute over the trademark rights to the English abbreviation of the name "BTS", as applicable to clothing goods and accessories. Previously, 'Shinsegae' mall purchased the trademark rights to this abbreviation from a different company in 2017 including rights to use the brand name on shoes, hats, clothing, leather, etc. 

However, as the legal dispute progressed, the court began to side with Big Hit Entertainment, claiming that the boy group has already established a global brand with numerous hit songs and therefore, 'Shinsegae' would be utilizing BTS's brand identity unfairly by labeling their goods with "BTS". As of December, 2019, the court has ruled in favor of Big Hit Entertainment in 9 out of 10 product categories, excluding only shoes and sneakers. 

Then, earlier today, Big Hit Entertainment issued an official press statement, ensuring that they would be utilizing all legal measures necessary in order to prevent any external company from attempting to trademark BTS's brand for monetary gains. 

Shortly after this statement, 'Shinsegae' stepped up with the following response, "'Shinsegae' shopping mall has decided to renounce all trademark rights to any branding associated with BTS. 'Shinsegae' supports BTS's activities as an artist who represents Hallyu culture worldwide." 

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gypsy_jaeger1,962 pts Tuesday, January 7, 2020 0
Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Wise of them to do that. BTS are indeed global superstars and they represent South Korea as their home country. BTS is a brand on their own.



DisplayName9753,838 pts Tuesday, January 7, 2020 2
Tuesday, January 7, 2020

It's a smart move. BTS is too much connected to the band and releasing anything with this abbreviation would be too confusing. Not to mention it could be used to confuse people and make the fans think it's related with BTS. And there was a risk of Shinsegae using BTS (band) to promote without BTS getting any money. And k-army were ready to boycot the company. It's wiser to just drop it.


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