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Headlines predict that Big HIt, JYP, and SM will be established as the new Big 3


With the new year, many netizens are curious as to how their favorite groups will succeed in the coming year and it looks like there may be a shift in the long-standing of the Big 3 labels of Korea, which was traditionally SM - YG - JYP.

With BTS's massive global popularity and YG's scandal-ridden 2019, many headlines and netizens believe that Big Hit has earned themselves a place in the Big 3, taking out YG's spot.

An article was recently published by Joy News 24 with a headline stating: [New Year Plan] SM, JYP, Big Hit, the perception change of the Big 3... Traditional powers vs Emerging powers

Comments under the article include:

"I'm just glad YG is out."

"Finally YG is out."

"The pharmacy has been kicked out."

Although Big Hit is private and not a publicly-traded company, recent investments into the company give it a valuation higher than the market capitalizations of SM, JYP, and YG. What do you think? 

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anothergalaxy169 pts Tuesday, January 7, 2020 15
Tuesday, January 7, 2020

This may be a controversial opinion, but shouldn't Big Hit have more artists under it before it gains such a title? Like, yes it has BTS, but outside of them it doesn't really have anybody. In contrast, its easy to name numerous artists throughout the past two decades for the other three companies. Therefore, I don't really think that the fall of YG equates with the entrance of Big Hit... especially since YG only had one bad year which really wasn't even that bad profit-wise.


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Brandon742 pts Tuesday, January 7, 2020 10
Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Until txt becomes extremely popular or another group comes in for bighit you cant really put them in the big 3, the other companies are big3 because they produce multiple giant groups/artists. Not just one super giant group like bts, they have to be held high on there own accord.


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