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BTS V Had The Most Talked-About Moments On 'The Late Late Show With James Corden'


Global superstars, BTS guested on the American talk show ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’ to promote their latest single “Black Swan.”

BTS member V had some of the most remarkable moments throughout the show. His adorable antics, creative answers, and powerful performance left everyone gushing about the star.

Here are our top three selection of V’s most incredible moments on the show.

1.V the King of English

    By simply uttering two words, V became the highlight of the show.

    When James shared a snippet of the group in their waiting room and enthusiastically asked how they were doing, V very coolly replied with a simple “Never Better”.

    ARMYs were so blown away by V’s spot-on answer, that in mere seconds, the two words debuted high on the worldwide trends.

    That’s not all. During the brief Q&A session, James questioned the boys on what they do when they forget the choreography and V, like a pro, said “it’s not in my vocabulary”

    The confidence in which he answered had fans instantly shower him with praise.

    V then wrapped up the interview on a sweet note and said “We want the army to be happy through our music and we will be there for you we love"

    2. V the Charming Performer

    BTS V is undoubtedly one of the finest performers on stage. As always, he left everyone in awe. Many fans noted that V effortlessly captured the essence of the song through his performance.

    3. V and his cute antics

    One of the segments on the talk show was a game of hide-and-seek. BTS was the hiders while James and the other guest star, renowned actor Ashton Kutcher sought for the members.

    V being a genius, put on a pair of headsets and blended in with the staff backstage. Unfortunately, he was sought quite early but V’s cute reaction to being caught made everyone’s heart swell with fondness.

    It is safe to say that, V left quite a mark in our hearts with his appearance at the show. He trended across the globe with numerous tags which range from different variations of his name to some of his iconic phrases from the interview.

    The world has once again fallen in love with V and his many charms.

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    We all collectively lost it when he opened the door and then answered james, “Never better” and it didn’t end there folks, his little ha ha and confident english left us loving him more than ever. Taehyung you are a sweetheart 💘


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    23 days ago

    He's so damn precious! It's sweet how hard Taehyung works to learn English so he can say these adorable things. 💜🥺



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