Posted by Susan-Han Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Vibe's label reveals they asked Park Kyung to apologize for his controversial post, but Park Kyung refrained


On December 3, vocal duo Vibe's label Major Nine Entertainment issued an updated statement regarding their lawsuit against Block B's Park Kyung, revolving the issue of music streaming 'sajaegi'.

Major Nine Entertainment stated, "Back on November 24, we faced an unexpectedly frustrating situation due to one artist's statement. Because the statement was entirely false, at first we only thought that the post was a mistake. We then requested an apology through the artist's label, and for mistakes to be righted."

The label continued, "However, the response we received was, 'The post has been deleted, but an apology will be difficult', and a few days later, the artist's false post came back to us as a defaming stamp, a framing our own artist. The controversy then began to spread unchecked, and a degrading tag began to follow us; when we tried to explain that it was not true, no one believed us."

Finally, Major Nine relayed, "In order for officials to uncover the truth in a judicial manner, we ask that more than anything, the various music streaming platforms take measures to confirm their records and documentations so that the procedures can progress as quickly as possible. We desperately hope that the data can be confirmed even for the artists whose names were brought up in the controversy... In addition, we ask that the individual who began this issue be well aware of the heavy responsibility which falls behind the words he spoke, and that through clear, precise evidence, we may uncover the truth as to which side committed wrongdoings without any more of the ongoing verbal accusations." 

Meanwhile, netizens are continuing to support Park Kyung's side regarding the ongoing lawsuit, commenting, "Park Kyung is being so cool in this, I'll be cheering for you til the end", "Park Kyung, please open a crowdfunding project for the lawsuit, let's fight together", "Park Kyung did absolutely nothing wrong, Fighting", "Everyone, let's back Park Kyung up", "Why would he apologize when he has nothing to apologize for", "Until we see real data, we don't plan on believing anything you people say, we're rooting for Park Kyung", "From now on Park Kyung is the top of the Korean hip-hop diss scene", and more. 

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cupidkyumi1,289 pts Tuesday, December 3, 2019 0
Tuesday, December 3, 2019

I'm really curious to see who'll prevail from this issue.



Annieannie1127 pts Tuesday, December 3, 2019 0
Tuesday, December 3, 2019

I can understand Park Kyung's accusation for other artists but Vibe shouldn't be on that list. The main vocalist, Yoon Min Soo, has been a well-known singer for a long time. He is aknowledged as one of the top vocalists along with Wheesung and Gummy and has been a fixed member of various music show that nortoriously know for their high bar for singer recruitment like Immortal Songs, The Calls, etc. So for Vibe to reach no.1 on music chart it doesn't surprise me.



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