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Netizens Are Furious Over Goo Hara’s Parents Receiving Her Inheritance


The news of Goo Hara (구하라)’s death has taken everyone by surprise, with many friends and fans already express their sadness over her passing.

However, the sadness quickly turned to rage as netizens found out that the former Kara member’s parent will be receiving her inheritance.

For those that didn’t know, the K-pop star actually moved out from her parents house at the age of 14 following their divorce. This lead her to live with her aunt before enrolling as a K-pop hopeful. Despite her parents’ neglecting her, Hara has maintain a close relationship with her brother.

This is why fans were outraged upon knowing that the late singer’s money and inheritance will be given to her family, and that include her parents who abandoned her. According to Korean custom, if the person died without leaving behind a will, their possessions will divided among their parents and siblings.

Many netizens think that the aunt who raised her deserves it more than her mum and dad who forsaken her.

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4 days ago

Whether we like it or hate. If she has no will then it makes sense that the money goes to her closest family members. I hope people learn to always write a will because no one knows what could happen in the future.


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asvj165 pts 4 days ago 8
4 days ago

People are seriously arguing over money that isn't theirs?? Sure, let's ignore the real problem at hand.

That money obviously didn't matter to her, considering what happened, so why should other people argue about it?


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