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JYJ's Junsu Reveals His Ultra Luxury House in Lotte World Tower and Cars + Netizen Reactions


Kim Junsu, who became a hot topic when making his first appearance on a terrestrial TV station after 10 years, also unveiled his daily life in a house located in Songpa District.

Junsu appeared on MBC's new TV show 'House of Sharing,' which was aired on the 11th. He revealed his luxury cars and luxury house at Signiel Residence, located on the 44th floor of Lotte World Tower. The unit costs for Signiel Residences range from 4 million USD all the way up to 30 million USD. It's the most expensive area in Korea.

Kim Junsu's luxury home fascinated everyone. As soon as the video released, Park Myung Soo, No Hong Chul and Park Ha Na couldn't take their eyes off of it. Park Myung Soo could not hide his envy, saying, "This can’t be a home in Korea. He's my junior but I feel very envious of him." No Hong Chul exclaimed, "It looks like a hotel in Dubai."

Kim Junsu expressed his feelings about returning to TV after 10 years. "I'm Kim Junsu, who is appearing on TV for the first time in 10 years. I think it might only feel real when I’m seeing my face on TV... I'm embarrassed to be called a celebrity. How can anyone who hasn't been on the shows for 10 years be called a celebrity?"


1. [+3062, -422] Kim Junsu has been at the top of best selling concert and musical charts for 10 years. He must have made a lot of money since he's very well known for his ticket power. He has so many pretty things at his houseㅎㅎEspecially, the wooden frame on the wall is so pretty, but it's too expensive for ordinary people to buy it.

2. [+2338, -266] It's been 10 years and he worked so hard to get here. He's a wonderful person

3. [+1462, -164] Kim Junsu-XIA Junsu on air after 10 years! It's nice to meet you again~~ I'll look forward for your activities

4. [+1197, -136] So happy that he's on a show after 10 years. The broadcast was fun^^

5. [+1063, -147] It was so fun. Been 10 years since he was on a broadcast

6. [+417, -15] Aside from the price of Kim Jun-su's items, I was impressed by his words. "There is a healing method for each person. I want to share my healing method with the people of society."

7. [+417, -45] He works hard. Should drink like everyone else. No cigarette. I envy him. His musicals are even more amazing. Every concert is sold our within a minute.

8. [+349, -21] He's very talented. So he's succesful even with no broadcast and media exposure for 10 years.

9. [+303, -18] Kim Junsu has been working hard on performing arts scene for 10 years. Now I hope to see you on broadcasts and music shows.

10. [+232, -14] The broadcast was really fun. Kim Junsu is so sincere. I can't believe it's been 10 years!

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Thursday, December 12, 2019

It's like a 7-star hotel. He worked so hard and deserves everything. Hopefully we will see him on music shows



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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Nice to see you back after 10 years



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