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Former girlfriend suspected of the murder of DEUX's Kim Sung Jae says she will not recover from the damage done to her if SBS does an episode on his death


The former girl girlfriend of deceased Deux member Kim Sung Jae has stated her opinion on the matter of his death.

Her representatives stated that they did not want an episode focusing on Kim Sung Jae's death to broadcast on SBS's 'I Want To Know'.

Kim Sung Jae was found passed away in his hotel room back in 1995. Although the cause of death was ruled as a heart attack, further examination found that his body was covered with 28 needle marks and animal anesthesia was found in his system. Many suspected Kim's girlfriend as the main suspect of the murder as she admitted to purchasing animal anesthesia but claimed to have thrown it away immediately. Because of the lack of evidence against her, she was released and the case has never been resolved.

She stated to a lawyer: "These days, famous celebrities have committed suicide due to malicious comments. Malicious comments that have nothing to do with the truth will cause me to never recover. I hope the law blocks the episode from being aired. The last time they tried to cover it, there was no new information. However now they say they're re-broadcasting it.

It seems like the court of law will determine whether the episode will air or not. An SBS attorney stated, "There is a reason why the court proceeded with the case privately. So, it's hard for me to talk about this case." The broadcast is scheduled to take place on December 21 if approved by the court. Kim Sung Jae's former girlfriend has requested that the broadcast be blocked from happening.  

Kim Sung Jae died the following day after his debut solo performance on November 19, 1995:

Performing as a member of DEUX in 1993:

What do you think of this situation? 

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borahae5,130 pts Thursday, December 19, 2019 8
Thursday, December 19, 2019

she was literally the only person with him in the room when this happened. was a medical student, purchased anesthesia, killed her dog and replaced it with the same looking dog, possibly because she was experimenting with lethal anesthesia amounts. before the murder, she also went on stage during his concert screaming at fans to "leave her bf alone", she shot a gas gun in his face and did other things. watch Grazy Grace's video on this case, it is ridiculous how his gf got away. she is only scared of this episode airing because people will remember the case and someone might home up with info or evidence.


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Limerence681 pts Thursday, December 19, 2019 0
Thursday, December 19, 2019

Invoking recent idol tragedies to paint herself as the victim. Absolutely shameless. Chaebol filth who used her connections to circumvent the law.



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