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BJ fires back at Ellin's response, saying she's just making excuses


The BJ who accused Ellin of a dating scam has released another statement.

He wrote, 

Hello, this is Moongkeumoong. 

Thanks to the help of many people, my words were able to be spread, and for that I'm thankful. I saw her explanatory video, and couldn't be helped but be angry at her habitual lies. Her entire broadcast was full of excuses, and I will respond to every one of them with facts.

1. We never went on a trip with just the two of us.

This is true, but I never said that we went on a trip with just the two of us. We went on a trip with BJ couples that we were close with, and I asked her if she wanted to join on me on such a trip. She happily and immediately said that she would. But she's now saying that she was uncomfortable but agreed so we could get closer? If she makes those excuses, I have nothing to say.

2. He only met my mother for a little bit.

Originally, we were supposed to meet, but something came up at work and I was 2 hours late to our meeting. Her mother had been in Seoul at that time (I booked the room that her mother stayed in at Seoul). She was eating with her mother, her little sibling, and her aunt.

After I was done at work, I didn't want to bother their family time, and thought I would just give an allowance to her sibling, who was young. I didn't go inside, but called the BJ outside to talk for a little bit. But she was the one who took me inside to introduce to her mother and her aunt.

3. All the presents together don't add up to 300 million won?

As I said in my first post, exclusing the expensive items such as necklaces, bags, shoes, clothes, refrigerator, and her moving fees, I gave her a lot of things whenever she expressed that she liked something. She claimed that when we met up in person to talk, I admitted that I ended up exaggerating when I was writing, but I never said that.

Also, she keeps avoiding the actual point. The important point is that she herself knew that the presents were too much to be characterized as presents from an 'oppa she was friensd with.' But she received all the presents, and met every day with me and other couples. I am angry that she was irresponsible by saying that she didn't know that I liked her, and that she was playing with feelings.

4. About the 50 million KRW

She said that she has to receive 50 million KRW from me, but then said that she received so much from me and decided not to receive it. This sounds like I borrowed 50 million KRW from her, but she decided that I didn't have to pay it back because I bought her a lot of presents.

I'm not sure how she can say that about that 50 million KRW. That amount is from me suggesting that she invest 50 million KRW once in a business that was certain to have monthly profit. We combined 50 million KRW from me and 50 million KRW from her, and received 7 million KRW each month. For 5 months, I gave all of those profits to her. Now that this is happening, I of course thought that I should return her original investment of 50 million KRW back to her, regardless of the profits she received.

5. Leg photo

She said she sent this photo without any thoughts and sent it so I could see her dog, and said I mistook her intentions.

Sayin that she sent her legs because she didn't have any makeup on has nothing to do with our current situation and is trying to avoid the point. Is it normal for someone to take a photo of legs while wearing shorts as soon as she wakes up to send to someone else?

6. Living together after 3 years

I also never said that we promised to get married. However, the promise to live together in 3 years is something we talked about not just on KakaoTalk, but also whenever we lived. We always said that the work we were doing would last 3 years, and then after that, we would depend on each other and live together.

7. Skinship
She said that when she met me and asked about this, I told her that she bumped shoulders with me when we were walking, but I never said this. If I said that was natural skinship, that would be in fact exaggerated on my part. But that's not true.

People who had been with us said that they could be witnesses to the hand holding and arm linking that she mentioned. I wonder what kind of lies she will say against this now.

8. He asked for my personal number so I had no choice but to tell him, and also told him my address.

As she revealed, it's true that I asked her for her personal number. But our personal conversations started because she contacted me first. We met for a month and had good feelings, so I asked her for her number. But I cannot agree that she did not voluntarily give up her number, and was forced to do so.

I also cannot agree that she gave me her address only because she had so much things to move. She gave it to me while we were continuing to meet. While she claims to have been in a difficult situation because she had to give mer her address, she always asked me to pick her up from her place because she was going to shut off her broadcast early, because she wanted to meet me, and because there were places she wanted to go together.

9. I threatened her when I confessed in early October.

She accused me of saying that I would send her back to how she was in the past when she refused my confession. That is a straight-up lie.

As I said in the first post, if she told me that she didn't have feelings for me, this would not have happened. But she said that she didn't know my feelings and spent time with me and said she didn't know I had feelings toward her.

I said that I cannot agree with that and asked her if she had been using me even though she knew how I felt. She then answered, 'I didn't tell you to give me those star balloons', so I got angry and asked her how that could be her response.

Throughout her broadcast, she said she was sorry that she made me misunderstand, and that it was not her intention. As she said, her intentions are only known to her, so if she says that I misunderstood no matter what her actions were, I have to accept. But her actions and words were practically not so.

As many of you know, there is a BJ who filmed YouTube contents in the We Got Married format. She sent me a screenshot of KakaoTalk messages from that BJ. Why did she make excuses to me that they were just in a business relationship and that I didn't have to be jealous? Just if we were friends. (The KakaoTalk messages are personal for the BJ, so I will not reveal them.)

Also, I ask that she present proof whenever she says things. There is another BJ that knows that I am 'Moongkeumoong' in her lies, so it is valid defamation of character, and I will include this in my suit. 

As you predicted from my first post, I did not reveal everything. But she kept telling obvious lies in her broadcast.

I am disappointed that I have to do this to someone who I had good feelings for, but as this has happened, I cannot stay quiet. I want to know what kind of excuses she will make when I reveal everything.

Please wait just a few days.

What do you think will end up happening?

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hexrealm-352 pts Monday, November 4, 2019 20
Monday, November 4, 2019

Both are at fault, she led him on and he wanted to use money to buy love. Stop buying gifts and see how she treats you, it is not a very difficult thing to do unless your intention is to flaunt your wealth to get her.


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k_kid5,179 pts Monday, November 4, 2019 0
Monday, November 4, 2019

From what I been noticing, it's best not to get into a relationship with a BJ. It seems to attract nothing but trouble, regardless whoever's at fault.



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