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Times idols shared their TMI with fans


Variety shows are notorious for sharing the funniest aspects of idols. Fans are able to see the different personalities through these shows and are also able to learn fun facts about their favorite members. Check out some of the moments where idols shared (or had their fellow group members spill) their deepest secrets with fans!

DAY6’s Dowoon

It’s difficult to escape spilling personal details when playing “Would You Rather.” So of course, when the members of DAY6 played this game on Buzzfeed Celeb, Dowoon ended up sharing a personal secret. Jae gave all of the members the choice between having a photographic memory or being able to forget a memory of their choice. When Dowoon selected the latter, the members successfully pried out Dowoon’s secret about eating ants when he was young!

BtoB’s Sungjae

When BtoB appeared on an episode of 1theK Original’s segment “Ask In a Box,” they did not disappoint fans with their energy. The members were not afraid of exposing each others’ secrets — including a strange and random TMI about Sungjae. Apparently, his feet smell like… blueberries!

(Begins at 4:15)


Hyungwon isn’t the only one with a funny sleeping habit — Lisa also has hilarious stories, as explained by her fellow member Rose in the game “Kill or Love.” Apparently, Lisa frequently falls asleep with her arms raised over her head and wakes up with her arms still held up!

MONSTA X’s Hyungwon

MONSTA X’s Hyungwon is already well-known for his ability to sleep through literally anything. Kihyun shared even more details about his fellow member’s sleeping habits including the fact that it’s practically impossible to get him to wake up without yelling and hitting him over and over again.

EXO’s Kai

Chanyeol was not afraid to share his fellow member’s TMI when the EXO members made an appearance on “Ask In a Box” ahead of their “Overdose” comeback. When a fan asked about the names the members use for saving each others’ contacts, Chanyeol made the ultimate betrayal by revealing that Kai doesn’t have the other members’ numbers saved! The shocked and offended expressions of the other EXO members were absolutely hilarious.

(G)-IDLE’s Soojin

Soojin unexpectedly had her secret exposed to fans by fellow member Miyeon. While Miyeon did not explicitly state that it was Soojin who picks her nose, her phrasing alone was enough to make fans guess that she was talking about Soojin.

(Begins at 4:05)


RM’s TMI is not much of a secret anymore, especially with BTS members (including RM himself!) frequently reenacting RM’s shower concerts. Back in 2017, Suga revealed that RM sings NU’EST’s songs in the shower.

(The shower-time TMI begins at 21:45.)

Red Velvet’s Wendy

The Red Velvet members joined fans ahead of their “Zimzalabim” comeback with a V Live broadcast. On one of the segments, the members were prompted to share a TMI with their fans. The members struggled to think of an interesting fact to share until Wendy decided to tell the story of her experience after being encouraged by fellow member Irene. Apparently, Wendy got an unfortunate mosquito bite right on her bottom!

(Begins at 59:00)

TWICE’s Chaeyoung

When TWICE made an appearance on “Ask In a Box” to promote their comeback “Dance the Night Away,” the members got closer to fans by sharing some of their hilarious TMIs. One particularly funny moment was when Nayeon and the other members shared details about Chaeyoung’s noisy way of brushing her teeth.

(Begins at 5:00)

GOT7’s Yugyeom

Unique tooth-brushing habits must run in the JYP family because GOT7’s Yugyeom also has his own hilarious method of brushing his teeth. According to Bam Bam, Yugyeon fills his mouth with water and shakes his head back and forth like a puppy to rinse his mouth!

(Begins at 6:00)

Apink’s Naeun

Fans have noticed Naeun’s habit of dropping things. When the Apink members appeared on “Ask In a Box,” one fan asked about Naeun’s ability to drop everything she holds. Naeun admitted to her tendency to slip things out of her hand, and even shared a story about when she dropped a slice of pizza right onto Bomi’s phone, face down!

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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

tmi? none of this stuff is private

though baekhyun has spilled some tea on his members before lol


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I think this article is downvoted only because of the photo used.

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