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TEEN TEEN holds debut press showcase for 'Very, On Top' album + photos and video from the event


On September 18, highly anticipated boy group TEEN TEEN made their official debut with the release of their first mini album 'Very, On Top' and its title track "It's On You." Members Lee Woo Jin, Lee Jin Woo, and Lee Tae Seung were first introduced to the public as contestants on Mnet's 'Produce X 101,' where they represented their agency Maroo Entertainment.

TEEN TEEN's name is a combination of 'teenager' and 'teen pop,' carrying the intention to become idols who music that teen-aged fans will enjoy. With an average age of 16.5, the idols were among the youngest contestants on 'Produce X 101' and became popular for their fresh image and cute charms. The title of their debut album 'Very, On Top' plays with the English expression 'cherry on top,' showing their aspiration to become an idol group that makes it to the very top.

On the day of their debut, they held not only a sold out showcase for fans, but also invited local media to a brief press conference, where they performed "It's On You" and B-side "Be My Girl," as well as screened the "It's On You" music video for the first time.

During the event, they talked about how they have changed since 'Produce X 101' ended, stating that they want to use TEEN TEEN as a way to better showcase the range of what they can do as performers.

"Because we are young, I think we have a bright and fresh charm. Of course fresh, but in the future, as we get older, we want to be able to show a more mature image too," Lee Woo Jin explained. He then jokingly called TEEN TEEN 'fruit-dols,' saying that similar to how fruit only gets better as it ripens, they also want to get better and better as they mature.

"When we were preparing for 'Produce X 101,' we were practicing together as three, but I had no idea that we were also practicing together for our debut," Lee Jin Woo commented. "I believe we are going to do well because we worked fervently preparing."

The boys also revealed that they have all experienced slight growth spurts in the two months since 'Produce X 101' concluded.

"I'm taller than I was when I was on the show," Lee Jin Woo revealed. "Right now I am 176 centimeters."

Lee Tae Seung added that he was 180 centimeters tall during the program, but now he is somewhere between 183 - 184 centimeters tall.

"I've only gotten very slightly taller,"
Lee Woo Jin shyly admitted, causing some laughs.

Maroo Entertainment is home to a number of popular recording artists, including KHAN, Norazo, and former Wanna One member Park Ji Hoon. During the event, the TEEN TEEN members were asked if any of their Maroo Entertainment seniors gave them any advice leading up to their debut.

"When we told Park Ji Hoon that we were debuting, he told us 'work hard.' Norazo also bought us something to drink and cheered us on," Lee Jin Woo explained. "They are busy with their own activities, so we don't see them often, but they take care of us a lot."

Lee Tae Seung also opened up about TEEN TEEN being among the very first wave of 'Produce X 101' contestants to release new music since the program's end.

"Our practicing period was short and we are a little shaky, but we enjoyably and diligently prepared [for our debut], so please give us a lot of love," he commented.

Meanwhile, TEEN TEEN's debut album 'Very, On Top' is officially available both offline and through online music distributors. Enjoy the music video for "It's On You" and the group's live performance of B-side "Be My Girl" below, as well as photos from the event!

Header Photo Credit: Maroo Entertainment; all others AllKPop

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