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Sulli cowers in fear after alleged fans approach her during Instagram live


Sulli cowered in fear after alleged fans approached her during her Instagram live.

In the early morning of September 17, Sulli and her friend visited a bar, where they held an Instagram live broadcast. One man approached the table, saying,"I'm a fan. I'm not going to do something that could be misunderstood. I'm a fan. I admire you," and he walked away. The former f(x) member then expressed, "I was scared. I don't go out often," and her friend agreed, "We're really close and hang out often, but we always hung out at Jinri's home. This is the first time this year we're meeting outside." 

Sulli continued to look nervous, and then she suddenly cowered in fear. A man approached once again, and after seeing how afraid Sulli appeared, he expressed, "Oh, Sulli. Can I tell you this one thing?" After seeing Sulli and the camera, he said, "I see. I'll leave." 

Her friend then suggested they turn off the Instagram live and abruptly said goodbye to Sulli's fans.

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AnonymousInsider558 pts Wednesday, September 18, 2019 4
Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Let me just point out (going by body language) that this is a learned reaction. She's dealt with something that has seriously scared her or made her uncomfortable around fans or being approached. Hope she's okay and was able to quickly calm down and enjoy her time with her friend.


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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

I'm going to clarify what happened during the live because it seems that some people in the comment section are trying to be "intellectuals" and putting the blame on Sulli.

I was watching Sulli’s ig live when Sulli and her friend were looking at someone at the back of the camera (at the other table perhaps). This is when he first got their attention by taking pictures of Sulli without her consent. That’s why Sulli and her friend were hand gesturing him to stop taking pictures and told him to continue his dinner and not mind them BUT he still continued taking pictures.

He then approached her by saying he was a "fan" (Sulli's friend kept telling us, the viewers, that "he says he's a fan BUT" indicating that the man wasn't really a fan). The man went straight out after that. BUT a few moments later, he brought his phone to Sulli's table and started filming her saying "Can you say something to the camera?" or "I want to have a photo with you" and that was when Sulli started to duck to hide her face. Sulli’s friend told the man to not take pictures anymore since he already took some earlier eventhough they said no. Sulli told her friend that she wants to leave so her friend ended the live quickly.

SULLI WASN'T DRUNK because they only started drinking then. An international fan also told her "Go home" because we noticed the actions of the creepy man behind the camera, but Sulli and her friend explained that "I understand why you want me to go home, but I have been stuck at home for a very long time and tonight was the only time I was able to go out. I just got out and your telling me to go home already (joking)"



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