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BTS will most likely have to enlist without any special treatment


BTS will most likely have to enlist without any special treatment.

There were talks that BTS, as the forerunner of the Korean pop culture, should be exempt from the army, similar to how medal winners from the Olympics are treated. Currently, all Olympic medalists, gold medalists from the Asia games, and up to 2nd place winners of international arts competitions can be exempt from the military by taking 4 weeks of basic training, and then doing community service.

While there were talks of change for the U-20 team that ranked #2 in the international games and for BTS, it looks like the current standards will stay the same for now. One of the reasons why is because for BTS to be exempt, the standards would have to be very ambiguous, and enforcement could be very difficult.

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looveLess5,320 pts Sunday, September 8, 2019 2
Sunday, September 8, 2019

I'm not even army and even I KNOW THEY WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY SPECIAL TREATMENT. We all knew, I don't know why this is still an important topic, give these kids some rest about this lmao.


ya'll just gonna make the people get more annoyed about them and honestly, non of them personally want special treatment lmao.


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Secretninja3123,048 pts Monday, September 9, 2019 7
Monday, September 9, 2019

I mean, this isn’t exactly news worthy. We know they’re not going to get special treatment. I mean look at the other legendary groups like Super Junior, Big Bang, and TVXQ, they all paved the way and made what Kpop is today and they didn’t get any special treatment so why should BTS be treated any different? The members themselves, being Korean citizens know full well that they’re going to have to enlist at some point, they grew up knowing that. And the entertainers who manage to get exemptions often face public backlash for skipping out on serving their country. Even Super Junior’s Heechul got criticized for serving his military duty as a public service worker instead of armed forces or something more physical because they accused him of trying to get out of serving a more physically taxing job when really it’s because he has many screws and rods in his leg from an severe car accident and at still suffers from chronic pain. So imagine the backlash BTS can potentially Face from the general public if they got special treatment. Please stop trying to start something over this since all is gonna do is harm BTS, let them enlist peacefully and serve their duty to Their country. if you truly are fans, you’ll patiently wait for them with open arms when they come back.


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