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#StayStrongRosé trends worldwide after fans discover biased treatment between BLACKPINK members


Fans are trending #StayStrongRosé on Twitter after alleged mistreatment of BLACKPINK's Rosé.


Fans discovered several Instagram posts that Rosé and her dad liked which showcased the poor treatment she allegedly receives compared to other BLACKPINK members. First, she liked a post that says everything happens for a reason and better things may happen in the future.

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A fan then posted a list comparing BLACKPINK member activities, pointing out Rosé's notably empty schedule. Her father Mason Park liked the post, confirming rumors that he's aware of the biased treatment between the members.


As a result, fans took to Twitter to trend #StayStrongRosé,asking YG Entertainment to allow Rosé to have her own schedules as well.

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This girl rosé has worked her ass off to debut and to only be doing nothing ? The other girls literally have shoots and are busy but what does rosé have? Literally nothing. No work. No promotions. Nothing. All she does is get swept under the rug. Wake up y’all.#StayStrongRose

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The fact that Rosés dad knows about her mistreatment kills me, he must hate seeing his own daughter not being able to do what she loves and showing her full potential to everyone, instead she’s always being held back by YG. This isn’t fair! Rosé deserves more!! #StayStrongRosè 🤕 pic.twitter.com/U4gKG2JGsS— RUBYJANEYALL (@ultsjenfave) August 29, 2019

rosé is very talented and hardworking , shes dedicated and loves what shes doing .. she ALWAYS shows us her best self and is always making us proud of her ... she DESERVES to be treated well #StayStrongRos

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if yg doesn't want to promote her let's share the world how talented she is by ourselves #StayStrongRosé

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Friday, August 30, 2019

To be fair, YG can't force companies to hire Rose as their model for advertisement or force a director to hire her as an actor. However if there's no demand for her outside of the company then they should give her work within it, a.k.a. writing songs/creating songs/getting a solo f.ex. From a business perspective it seems like a waste to not take care of one of their most important assets for the moment.


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Friday, August 30, 2019

They all deserve good and equal treatment! Always thought rose AND Jisoo was under appreciated by YG and but perhaps rose is the most... YG invested a lot of money in their trainees if not interested in equal treatment is it not at least from a business point of view good to let all of them work to their full potential?


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