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King Choice announced BTS Jimin as 2019 King of K-Pop!


BTS Jimin was announced as '2019 KING OF K-POP' after he snatched first place in King Choice's '2019 King of K-pop' voting poll proving his dignity, impact and popularity as a top class idol. King Choice is well known as the largest international K-pop voting website.

BTS Jimin is well known for his position as one of the main dancer and the lead vocalist
in BTS. In the past, Jimin attended Just Dance Academy to learned popping and locking dance before moving to Busan High School of Arts to studied contemporary dance. Jimin was a top student in the modern dance department there. Jimin is also known as one of BTS most formidable dancers. Recently Jimin ranked first in August Boy Group Individual Brand Reputation Ranking and it marks Jimin ranked first for 8 months consecutively.

Jimin not only ranked first in King Choice voting polls but several other more too. Her are the list of polls and survey Jimin ranked first in 2019.

1. Idol with attractive eye smile in Idol Chart

2. 2019 Best Dancers in Dabeme Pop

3. The Star with Sexiest Dance Line on stage by netizens

4. Ranked second in China Best Idol Dancer Survey (ranked first among K-idols on the survey)

5. Selected as idol with national treasure-class dance line that should be an intangible cultural asset for his outstanding artistic and performing skills by 1theK.

Jimin's unrivaled dance skills and his wide range outstanding vocal gained attention to the point where famous celebrities, singers, professionals in singing or dancing and huge media outlets either locally or internationally acknowledge and praise him for his skills. Jimin also earned the title such as 'BTS frontman', 'the face of K-pop','stage genius', 'stage commander' and many more.

Congratulation BTS Jimin for another great achievements.

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The downvotes though, jeez...

Anyway I'm happy for him, as an ARMY I know the struggles Jimin has went through to get here. It's nice to see him being recognised as the talented idol he is. Even if it's just through a voting poll, it doesn't matter. It's nice to see this rather than the endless hate suggesting he's not a talented idol, which is completely untrue. Well done, Jimin!


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Haters stay pressed


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