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K-Pop's Most Hilarious Cursed Images


Cursed images are a common meme in the K-Pop fandom! For those who aren't familiar with the term, "cursed images" refer to really unflattering or unfortunate photographs or screengrabs of idols that make them look ridiculous and silly. Whether it happens to be that a fan stopped a performance or MV at the wrong time or if a photo was snapped at an inopportune moment, cursed images create a light-hearted hilarious meme. Here are some of the most legendary K-Pop cursed images to date:

15. Kai 

What originally was one of EXO's most scintillating dance moves has become one of K-Pop's most cursed images. Normally, Kai is the sexy and talented dancer of EXO, but this screengrab says quite the opposite. 

14. Eunkwang

Fans didn't even have to try to make Eunkwang's ugliest photos a cursed image, BTOB did the work for them! At this red carpet, they all held up hilariously embarrassing images of him and created their own group-based cursed image. Meme kings!

13. Yerin

This image of Yerin from GFRIEND went viral because her torso is completely missing with the way she's standing. Some netizens remarked that "she looks like a damn crab"!

12. Hyolyn

Normally revered as one of K-Pop's most sexy bombshell idols, Hyolyn, unfortunately, got caught in the wrong moment. Not only is she in a weird stance, but her hair flying in the wind looks like a wig being blown away. Netizens tend to use this image as a way to react to "getting their wigs snatched" by their bias.

11. Suga

This unfortunate photograph of Suga was taken at a concert where he was mid-movement. Suga is easily the thinnest member of the group with a naturally skinny body, but this image gave him a weird gut and hilarious facial expression.

10. Jeonghan

Jeonghan of SEVENTEEN was either jumping, bouncing, or just caught the wind at the wrong time in this particular cursed image. Regardless of the reason, we can't help but chuckle at this ridiculous picture!

9. Key

Key of SHINee was doing some fanservice with his Ronald McDonald outfit, but he looks like a very depressed BoBo the Clown as he prepared backstage for this funny reveal. An iconic and classic cursed image.

8. JB

GOT7 JB's iconic image of him picking his nose has become such a viral meme that tons of fans hold signs of this picture at GOT7's live shows! 

7. CL

Many say this picture of CL is cursed because she looks like she is deathly afraid of an impending Stitch plushie. In reality, she was mi-expression, but the whole image positioning makes our diva CL into an unfortunate meme.

6. IM

This image of IM's foot holding his little message has forever been immortalized in every K-Pop fan's arsenal of memes and for good reason! There's just so much to unpack about this image, it's hard to figure out where to start.

5. Seungri and Taeyang

The craziest part about this cursed image is that there was no photoshop involved. Just a genuinely weird and freaky cursed image to grace your screens.

4. B1A4

Step aside Lil Nas X, here comes a truly cursed country image. B1A4's ultra strange Western concept outfits alone put the curse in the cursed image.

3. Kyungsoo

Alternatively titled: existential crisis at the bowling alley. Kyungsoo is already so good at portraying emotions through his face that we aren't surprised this one went viral.

2. Wonho

Sometimes fans add a little flair to images to make them extra funny and this particular one of MONSTA X Wonho and his anime girlfriend (who is also a beefcake) is a really unique cursed image that has been scarred into our retinas forever.

1. Taemin

Giraffe neck Taemin is a cursed image that has stood the test of time. This picture is hilarious to new and veteran K-Pop fans from all walks of life. Fandoms that have beef with each other can come together to enjoy this hilarious cursed image.

What are your favorite K-Pop cursed images? Share with the allkpop community in the comments below!

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homoschmexical365 pts Friday, July 26, 2019 1
Friday, July 26, 2019

Taemin was a perfect finisher 😂😂


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Ohboy698,148 pts Friday, July 26, 2019 3
Friday, July 26, 2019

60% of Block B pictures qualify as cursed images.


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