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Posted by honeykisses339 pts Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Infamous BTS sasaeng caught sleeping next to BTS's hotel room, taking private pictures, stalking, and more

The infamous "no pants" BTS sasaeng breaks the internet once again.

On January 14, this female sasaeng (who is believed to be a year or two older than BTS member Jungkook) was spotted emerging from the same VIP gate as BTS after landing from a flight she shared with the group' members. She appeared to have no pants on. Netizens were quick to give her a nickname - "the no pants sasaeng".

Rather than standing where other fans were gathered, she closely followed the members across the airport until a staff member nudged her aside.

Fans snapped several photos that show how much closer this woman was to the members, compared to other fans (and even to most of the other members excluding Jungkook and V).

Outraged netizens claimed that this is not the first time this woman has stalked BTS. Older pictures of her trying to emerge from the same exit as Jungkook spread all over Twitter.

She is believed to be one of the sasaengs included on BigHit Entertainment’s updated blacklist, though this has not officially been confirmed.

Months have passed by (since the accident) and many people thought she would stop stalking the members of the group after the public humiliation, but she unfortunately didn't .

"No pants" created a private Instagram account (@starherin) and started frequently posting private pictures of the BTS members.

YouTube user "JUNGSHOOKED" uploaded a video, exposing the content of the sasaeng's Instagram account. Some of the pictures/stories uploaded include:

  • Private pictures of the group members, taken without their consent.
  • Airport pictures of the group members and proof that @starherin (A.K.A. no pants) travels with BTS frequently and attends every single concert/event of theirs (including the GRAMMYs and the Billboard Music Awards) while being allegedly blacklisted.
  • Backstage concert pictures/videos. 
  • A picture of the BTS members taken in front of their hotel room (without their consent).

All of the members' faces are either blurred out/drawn over for security and privacy reasons.

If you see "the no pants sasaeng" somewhere, immediately report her to the concert/event's security for the group's safety. Source + full content in the video down below:

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changminbaby9,079 pts Tuesday, July 9, 2019 6
Tuesday, July 9, 2019

this is clearly a rich spoiled sasaeng, where are her parents??arent they informed about what their daughter is doing?? didnt they see her pics with no pants?? do they just give money to her and dont wonder where she spend the money or if she is doing anything dangerous?? she has been stalking bts for a while and she needs to stop.. bighit need to do something about sasaengs like her

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Indigo_Palmyra1,588 pts Tuesday, July 9, 2019 6
Tuesday, July 9, 2019

This makes me ill at ease. This woman exhibits clear mental psychosis and/or mental illness. IT'S OBVIOUS SHE CANNOT DISTINGUISH REALITY. That inability is constantly reinforced by, apparently, unlimited financial means. So far, she's non-violent. What if her psychosis/illness worsens? What if she becomes aggressive? Behavior like this can escalate. Makes my stomach sick to think about.

From a humanitarian standpoint, I want her to get therapy!! But to the same token, people like this flat out scare me because you never know when they'll have or if they're prone to crisis moments.

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