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BJ Yeolmae talks about legal actions towards former 100% member Yoo Chang Bum regarding her sex tape drama + holds tell-all broadcast stream


Afreeca TV BJ's (Broadcast Jockeys) are involved in a messy online fight, involving accusations of cheating, taking hidden camera videos, and showing them to others. 

On July 2, former 100% member Changbum (Yoo Chang Bum) held a live broadcast with his girlfriend BJ Seoyoon and mentioned that his former ex-girlfriend, BJ Yeolmae, cheated on him with BJ Kei. BJ Yeolmae then went on to make a post accusing Yoo Chang Bum of sharing sex tape videos of her with others. 

BJ Yeolame revealed more information regarding her side of the situation in a live broadcast on July 3. She stated:

"I admit that I was wrong to have cheated on Yoo Chang Bum with Kei. However, Yoo Chang Bum is lying when he said I was clingy to him and I have evidence of that. He said he never cheated when we dated but he did and I just pretended not to notice it. I also learned via direct messages that he took videos of other women."  

She went on to state that "I don't think it's fair for him to try to use Kei's faults to bring him down when he has not considered his own" and continued talking about Yoo Chang Bum's behavior saying that "he says I agreed to take those videos because said he would erase them after we took them. After we broke up, he said he had videos of me and sent a video of him masturbating. I will pursue legal action regarding this behavior." 

BJ Yeolmae also commented on that "Yoo Chang Bum and his girlfriend BJ Seoyoon said that they would release the videos if I consented but then later reversed their statements to say that they had deleted them. I only consented to take the videos if he deleted them after he watched them and I was so scared when I learned he still had them after we broke up."

Yoo Chang Bum has released an apology stating that he "has never released the footage or sent it or showed it to anyone." Netizens suspect that he could have shared the footage in a group chat containing Jung Joon Young, CNBLUE's Jonghyun, and more, possibly linking him to the Burning Sun scandal. 

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RebeccaB-48 pts Wednesday, July 3, 2019 4
Wednesday, July 3, 2019

I don't know why so many korean girls permits her boyfriend record them when having sexual relathionships?! it's really stupid


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pink_oracle4,004 pts Wednesday, July 3, 2019 3
Wednesday, July 3, 2019

So he admits he kept footage of her he promised the delete? She can go to the cops now then, that's a sex crime.
Also, when one party cheats first it's not called cheating when the other party does it, the relationship has already been broken.


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