Posted by Susan-Han Tuesday, July 2, 2019

AfreecaTV BJs including former idol Changbum & more involved in messy cheating, hidden camera accusations


Several AfreecaTV BJs have become involved in a messy, complex battle of public accusations, becoming hot search topics on various search engines. 

On July 2, BJ Woo Chang Bum, also known as former 100% member Changbum, went live with his current girlfriend BJ Seoyoon. During this broadcast, Changbum was asked a certain question and answered, "BJ Yeolmae cheated on me with BJ Kei while we were dating, so we broke up." 

Afterward, BJ Yeolmae took to an online community to speak up against BJ Changbum's claims. She said, "Woo Chang Bum shared footage of our sexual intercourse in a group chat room." The female BJ then additionally claimed that she is currently arranging her thoughts before going live, to fully explain her account of the situation. She also alleged, "This is not just a matter between the two of us, but one involving many people, and it may also become connected with current entertainment news which is setting a heavy tone in the industry." 

BJ Kei also spoke up to address cheating accusations involving BJ Yeolmae. However, he simply claimed, "When I hooked up with Yeolmae, I did not have a girlfriend at the time so I was not cheating." He did admit that he knew BJ Yeolmae was in a relationship with BJ Changbum. Afterward, BJ Kei posted another short notice, strictly denying his relation to illegal drugs, 'Burning Sun', etc; since then, the notice has been deleted from his page. 

In response to BJ Yeolmae's shocking claims, BJ Changbum went live again in the early morning of July 3, stating, "I'm tired of Yeolmae's 'Victim cosplay'. I broke up with Yeolmae a year ago, so I don't know why she's being like this after all this time. She says that I shared footage of sexual intercourse in a group chat, but that is not true. That footage was taken after we both agreed to it, when we were dating. But I've never shared it anywhere." 

However, based on photos shared by BJ Yeolmae via an online community, netizens suspected that BJ Changbum was a member of a group chat room with Jung Joon Young, CNBLUE's Jonghyun, etc. In addition, another idol, GOT7's Mark, was allegedly mentioned in this chat room, and netizens noted that Changbum and Mark are known to be idol friends. 

Some netizens who have been keeping up with the ongoing issue noted that BJ Changbum threatened to spread their sexual intercourse footage if BJ Yeolmae continued to make baseless claims against him. BJ Yeolmae, angered by BJ Changbum's threats, went live spontaneously and exposed BJ Kei's phone number, as well as relationships with other BJs.


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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

BJ Kei saying he didnt cheat because it was the girl who was in a reationship with someone else and not him... but he knew about that relationship... maybe I’m the only one but I consider that cheating too. Anyway obviously this is all a mess.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

There's a trashcan in every household. What's the use of opening yours for others to see? It's not like people will clean up your trashcan for you. Have some self-respect, jesus christ.

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