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'Zero digital score?' Netizens don't understand how ATEEZ won first place on 'M! Countdown'


Rookie group ATEEZ surprised many people when they won 1st place on the June 20 broadcast of music show 'M! Countdown.' The group beat out Lee HiVIXX's Leo, SF9, Stray Kids, and Jeon So Mi

The group started crying with emotion after learning that they won. 

However, netizen comments were less than positive as many people wondered how the rookie group beat out so many popular names. 

"I know they don't want YG (Lee Hi) to win, this is a bit much..."

"What is this?"

"They're the male Cosmic Girls."

"Zero digital points kekeke, it's the first time I've heard of them."

"I've never heard of them."

Even with the negative comments, ATEEZ still achieved a lot as a rookie group and the members are receiving support from fans all across the globe. Although ATEEZ had a 0 for their digital score, they scored higher on all the other categories including Album Sales, Global Fan Vote, Social Media, and Mnet Broadcast Score, definitely cementing their win by performing strongly overall. 

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lovevixx101439 pts Thursday, June 20, 2019 25
Thursday, June 20, 2019

they won because of ALBUM sales yes digital sales are a big factor for scoring but sometimes if the ALBUM sales are high enough and the fan votes are high enough a artist can win over another artist who has a higher digital charting, artists like Got7 get wins the same way, even tho they're digital charting is lower , and so did BTS before they blew up where they are now , they didnt always have a high digital charting like they do now, it was fans buying albums and voting that got them theyre first wins too,

and Ateez has a prett big international fanbase they sold out they're NA tour they just did, and the fan base is growing every comeback knetz need to take a chill pill and let these kids be happy for theyre FIRST win they deserved it, this comeback is a BOP♥ CONGRATZ Ateez and Atiny ♥


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nnani2,533 pts Thursday, June 20, 2019 10
Thursday, June 20, 2019

'ItS thE FiRsT tImE I hEarD oF thEM" the biggest bullshit lie I have witnessed. They just proved they're trying to pull excuses and stay relevant. You know damn well who ATEEZ is lol.


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