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Yang Hyun Suk resigns from YG Entertainment


Yang Hyun Suk has officially resigned from the head producer and all other positions at YG Entertainment.

On June 14, Yang Hyun Suk posted to YGE's homepage: 

"This is Yang Hyun Suk.

I apologize to the fans who love YGE and our label artists.

I'm also sincerely apologetic to all of the employees who silently continue to do their work despite the torrent of criticism.

I've kept my mouth closed with patience in this situation when disgraceful and humiliating words are being told as truths without discretion. However, I think it would be difficult to endure further.

I don't think I can continue to let YG, our label artists, or fans continue to be harmed because of me.

For 23 years, I dedicated half my life and everything to building YG.

Supporting the best music and the best artists was the greatest happiness for me. I've thought about how this is the only thing I can do to contribute to fans and society.

However, I'll be stepping down from all my positions and business at YG from today forwards.

I sincerely hope no further harm will come to YG as a label or to the artists I love and the fans who love them because of me.

There are currently a lot more professionals at YG who have more abilities and sense than I do. I think stepping down will be a good opportunity for them to show their abilities better. It's my honest wish that YG can stabilize quickly.

Finally, I trust that the truth will definitely be revealed after all the current headlines and facts are seen after investigation. Thank you."

Yang Hyun Suk's resignation comes following a number of issues related to YG Entertainment, including Seungri's KakaoTalk controversies, tax evasion accusations, and the drug scandal involving former iKON member B.I.

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Mikilla369 pts Friday, June 14, 2019 24
Friday, June 14, 2019

To YG stans demanding YGE be off the hook given YHS has 'resigned':

When he and his brother and associates relinquish their shares and control of YG (not this show of stepping down while still being in control behind-the-scenes). When he and his police/political conspirators get punished by the law. When the effects of years of media play get righted. When the drug culture gets truly eradicated.

Then yes, sure!


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Ran_kudou172 pts Friday, June 14, 2019 8
Friday, June 14, 2019

Until his brother quits and YG dissolve his shares, the public cannot be assured that YG will finally truly have no or zero control to YGE and its artists. Until then, please do not be blinded by the media play and consider this as well.


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