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Theory : The Birdman is everywhere in K-Pop Music Videos?! ALEX 칸첸알렉스 is the BIRDMAN ?


The Birdman is everywhere in K-Pop Music Videos?! ALEX 칸첸알렉스 is the BIRDMAN ?

Photo from Sunmi’s Music Video “Siren”

Alex Kinchen has announced debuting as a singer , after his prolonged career as a VFX SPECIALIST, and Digital Artist. The singers productions has been the most delayed debut for us at KPOPFANPOP Headquaters in Seoul.

After losing much hope for his debut , he has yet again earned the attention of some in the K-Pop community, as his debut has not canceled , and is still scheduled for a release. In an instagram post , Alex reveals some details for his promotions and advertisements.

With his fandom colors first (Black & White) , and Fire Red. Code name : CRANES

He has released three teaser images for his 1st Mini Album titled “Broken Promises”

We thought , just three interesting concepts at first...

Noted in the original posted description reads;

Three music videos are created and advertised by his solo project and the other three are created under Stone Music entertainment , with a collection of six music videos that all tell a story.

The final teaser image is explained on his fandoms official wikia page by authors CRANE-princess & CRANE-prince.

: from the original poster ; please be advised there not native to English;


Apparently according to LANA from instagram ; Alex has been called or summoned by the name of ambition, dedication and love. He has appeared in several Music Videos leading up to today , with many to believe its a Marvel Cinematic Universe within the K-Pop world.

Check out instagram user kungfulana

account [https://www.instagram.com/kungfulana/] , where she has divulged ALEX’s true persona.

Available below are some of our favorites...


“Where are you from” Music video by former singer Seungri (0:04) “Here for Humanity”

“Summer Nights” Music Video at (1:58) performance by YoonA - “The man in the painting....?”

Nct127 Music Video “Regular” Korean version , frame (0:25) “Phoenix wall Art”

Sunmi “SIREN” Music Video at (1:49) “Rose in a bird cage.”

EPIK HIGH and performance by IU in “LOVEDRUNK” at frame (2:10) Canary or dove in a cage. Why is this one interesting, because in one of his songs lyrics “Alex indicates that he was drunk or intoxicated off love.” Also IU is definitely a bird fan , with birds in almost every music video of hers.

Jay Park’s “FENG SHUI” Music Video . FENG SHUI , literally means "wind-water" and is the balance or the elements associated with the Constellations.

Could there be more of them....

Although these instagram avatars could change , and Seungri has resigned from his career in entertainment industry... Here are some more interesting photos that are definitely noted.


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    Sunday, June 16, 2019

    this again? You didn't learn that self promoting and talking about yourself in third person is annoying af



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    Sunday, June 16, 2019

    This nugu is less popular than EXP and EXP ain't popular. lol


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