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Psy Under Fire for Lying About "Only There for Dinner"


While Psy strongly denied his connection to YG Entertainment's alleged sexual services for Southeast Asian financier Jho Low in 2016, allegations emerged that Psy was actually present at the entertainment center withJho Low even before the suspected sexual services in question.

Last month, MBC reported that Yang Hyun-suk, former head of YG Entertainment, and singer Psy attended a dinner meeting attended by Southeast Asian financier Jho Low and Thai financier B in 2016. In particular, there were about 10 women from adult entertainment establishments at the meeting, and the drinking parties of Jho Low and entertainment women continued to lead to prostitution at Yang's club that night, according to a group participant at the time. 

In response, Psy said, "We were friends with Jho Low, who is very interested in entertainment, and we had a meal together because he came to Korea. I don't know why women at entertainment establishments were like that. I was at the table and left. I don't know about the alleged sexual favors," he claimed. 

However, MBC's "Straight" on Monday confirmed that Psy had been with Madam Jung since Jho Low's first day in the country. "He already attended inappropriate drinking sessions on the eve of the dinner. At that time, there were 25 women, including women from entertainment establishments run by Madam Jung. After the meal, the group moved to Yang's upscale entertainment establishment at the time," the report said. Also, the witness at the time said, "Psy was sitting right next to Hwang Hana, and Jho Low rarely talked because he was right in the middle of the table. They didn't even appear to be friends." 

Meanwhile, on Monday, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's metropolitan investigation team said it called Psy for questioning on Wednesday afternoon to confirm the facts regarding Yang's alleged sexual favors. Psy was reportedly questioned for about nine hours until after 2 a.m. the next day.

Article: Psy under controversy for lying "claimed he was only at the dinner"

Source: SBS funE via Nate

1. [+418, -12] A person's true character doesn't change so easily

2. [+391, -12] So both Psy and Yang Hyun Suk are the same piece of trash

3. [+333, -8] Once again, the realization that you can't trust a celebrity's image

4. [+32, -8] Hwang Hana's a scary woman, there's not one scandal that she's not involved in. Yang Hyun Suk, Psy, Jung Madame... gotta unveil the truth about them but I think it'll be buried like Seungri... Like Seungri said, they're probably loving how weak Korean law is.

5. [+24, -1] All you idiots better get refunds for your Psy tickets~~

6. [+22, -3] The majority of thugs aren't celebrities but the majority of celebrities are thugs. There's a reason history has always treated clowns and gisaengs as low class since the olden times.

7. [+19, -0] Even after serving in the army twice... his true colors haven't changed!

8. [+18, -2] Once a thug, always a thug~

9. [+13, -3] What a global embarrassment

10. [+15, -0] If he hit jackpot with 'Gangnam Style', he should know to just lay low and enjoy it, why make things worse by providing these things? tsk tsk

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fivo1983 pts Tuesday, June 25, 2019 5
Tuesday, June 25, 2019

When people celebrate P-Nation and think this company would be better than YG... They don't even start yet but already have scandal


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istari148 pts Tuesday, June 25, 2019 8
Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Wait, I've heard his name before... Jho Low? Isn't he part of some massive Malaysia criminal thing? Guys watch this video. If you want the direct information, go to 8:45 when he is mentioned but I would recomend watching the whole thing. I'm actually shook. Psy is also mentioned here:


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