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Madame Jung reportedly paid 20 million KRW ($17,000) & luxury gifts to the women who traveled to Europe


New details have emerged regarding Yang Hyun Suk's arranged trip for investors to Europe.

According to a broadcast by MBC 'Straight' on Sunday, the 10 women mobilized by Madame Jung for Yang Hyun Suk's trip were paid a lot of money to travel to Europe.

According to MBC 'News Desk' on the 24th
, Madame Jung mobilized 10 women to travel to Europe at Yang Hyun Suk's request. An informant revealed that Yang Hyun Suk planned the European trip in 2014 to entertain Malaysian billionaire Taek Jho Low. Madame Jung had a close relationship with Yang Hyun Suk and was tasked with mobilizing the women for the trip. The trip was a month after YG and Jho Low met at a dinner party arranged by Yang Hyun Suk a luxury Korean restaurant in July 2014 for 2 south-east financiers (one of them Jho Low).

An informant revealed, "Madame Jung paid 10-20 million won ($8,700 - $17,000) to the women who accompanied her to Europe. There was a woman, 000, who was traveling with Jho Low as his partner and he bought her luxury gifts worth hundreds of millions of won. At the time, there was a conflict from Jho Low's side to YG about who was going to pay the women to travel to Europe and there's a high possibility that YG side intervened and paid the fee through Madame Jung."

PSY had previously released a statement in May to address the allegations that he attended the dinner party hosted by Yang Hyun Suk in July 2014 for 2 South East financiers, one of them his friend Jho Low, but alleged that he and Yang left after the dinner party and aren't aware of any other activities.

With regards to this, one witness revealed, "There were 25 women from an adult entertainment establishment at the dinner party and after they finished their meal they all headed to an establishment operated by Yang Hyun Suk. I distinctly heard Yang talk to Madame Jung and ask her "to take care of the investors with whatever they wanted and get them a lot of alcohol."

Seoul police reportedly summoned PSY on the 16th and questioned him for 9 hrs regarding the alleged prostitution services. Police also questioned Madam Jung as well as the 10 women who attended the dinner party.

Police plan to summon Yang Hyun Suk next as he's the main character in the case.

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LittleFoxx1,197 pts Monday, June 24, 2019 7
Monday, June 24, 2019

Jho Low?? He is a white collar criminal and a fugitive. He is one of the biggest conman in Malaysia, alongside with the ex-PM. He even has an Interpol international arrest warrant. Considering this 'relationship', 'all the best' to YHS. Worse if YHS and PSY are also involved with 1MDB.


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Vivianlsv207 pts Monday, June 24, 2019 6
Monday, June 24, 2019

Always alwaysssss when Malaysia is on international news it's ALWAYS BAD NEWS LIKE THIS like wthhh this guy is so hated here could never imagine how he could still tarnish our name further...


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