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Jeon So Mi opens up about her income, diet, and malicious comments


Jeon So Mi guest starred on the latest episode of ‘Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show’ where she opened up about her income, diet, and malicious comments.

When asked about her income she carefully replied, “Since I did shoot some commercials, I currently do have income. It’s enough to buy my parents a nice pair of shoes.” She added, “Before I shot the commercials, when I would leave for my schedules my parents would say ‘Take care’, but now they say ‘Somi-ya, take care my daughter.’” She highlighted that her parents’ attitude has changed since she filmed the commercials.

Regarding her diet she said, “I can’t let go of the spoon. I order a lot of food and eat a little bit at a time for a long time. So ultimately I end up eating it all. I talk a lot so I tend to digest well

She then revealed her thoughts on malicious comments. She said, “I tend not to look at malicious comments. Sometimes, malicious comments can be advice so I mostly read comments from fans. Whether they are malicious comments or good comments, I think you should real them all.

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Monday, June 24, 2019

When Somi left JYP, I thot its because YG/ Black Label was a better musical fit for her. And they would develop her voice further (to fit the 'YG'sound'). But she kinda sounds the same as before. Wonder if the company brought forward her debut, in response to ITZY's success.

Somi was born a star - for sure; just seems she was rushed...


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Monday, June 24, 2019

Please she is still very young who is just achieving her dreams. If you don't like her or the songs. Please ignore. She worked so hard , she wrote her own songs and composed it too ( with teddy) . But everyday I see all those hate comments saying she don't deserve sucess, she is untalented and so on. This is the reason , idols suffer so much because of the hate and kill themselves. Like you love , respect and protect your faves , please do the same to others.


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