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UP10TION and VICTON members open up about their hardships on 'Produce X 101'


The members of UP10TION and VICTON took a shot at a second chance on Mnet's 'Produce X 101.'

Han Seung WooChoi Byung ChanLee Jin Hyuk, and Kim Woo Seok gained a lot of attention from their fellow trainees for being sunbae idols with debut experience. 

During the interview, Han Seung Woo said, "I was the happiest in the world when I first heard I was debuting. I was excited thinking about how I can be on TV but I grew concerned as we released each album."

Lee Jin Hyuk shared, "There are so many groups but the ones that succeed are only 1 or 2 groups. I realized (success) doesn't happen just with hard effort."

Choi Byung Chan said, "(We were told) It's not guaranteed that we will do well even if we make a comeback."

Kim Woo Seok tearfully revealed, "To be honest, I blamed my agency in the beginning but then later I blamed myself, thinking, 'Am I not good enough?'"

In the level test, Kim Woo Seok and Lee Jin Hyuk performed "No Perfume On You" by TEENTOP, while Choi Byung Chan and Han Seung Woo performed "Save Me" by BTS

All 4 trainees received positive feedback from the trainers with Han Seung Woo and Choi Byung Chan receiving an 'A' rank, and Lee Jin Hyuk and Kim Woo Suk receiving a 'B' rank.

You can watch their performances in the clip below.

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  3. PRODUCE X 101
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Friday, May 10, 2019

I really hope they do well, they’re all very talented boys. Even if they don’t make it in to the final group, hopefully it would at least make their name known.



stankpop1234738 pts Friday, May 10, 2019 3
Friday, May 10, 2019

oh no baby wooshin, its most def NOT your fault but your angecy's fault top media be dropping the ball on ALL theyre artists, look at how they screwed up TEEN TOP at one time they were so popular now due to mismanagement theyre underrated as heck these days :/ and dont even get me started on how underrated 100% is ..shoot even Shinhwa's ( the owners of the label) last comeback didnt do to well.. .. ^^"


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