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Mnet Gallery declares a boycott: “We will not consume any of YG’s music”


Amid Allegations Of Sexual Favors By YG Entertainment head Yang Hyun-Suk, a YG Music Boycott Is Taking Place.

There will be no YG artists' songs in the community.

Mnet Gallery on 'DC Inside,' one of South Korea's biggest online communities has announced that they will not curate songs from YG Entertainment. They wrote on the 27th, "We now declare that we are boycotting all songs from YG Entertainment."

They continued, "So many incidents have occurred in the entertainment industry since the Burning Sun scandal occurred in January, and the side has always been followed by YG Entertainment's name. We can't help but think that being involved in such inappropriate activities is the root of losing credibility among fans at entertainment agencies, which should place importance on social value realization and moral integrity."

Image Source: DC Inside

In the official announcement, they wrote, "We have determined that we will not accept or consume all the music produced by YG Entertainment from now on as we have determined that it has not been well equipped to lead the global K-pop culture."

Previously, on May 27th, MBC's investigative journalism show 'Straight' reported on Yang Hyunsuk allegedly procuring prostitution for two wealthy South Asian investors. The report said that a total of 25 women accompanied eight men at a meeting where Yang Hyunsuk and another YG singer were present with investors. Sexual services were allegedly involved at a club that's reportedly owned by Yang Hyunsuk.

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  2. Big Bang
  4. Lee Hi
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Kotlertipo223 pts Tuesday, May 28, 2019 7
Tuesday, May 28, 2019

I agree there is a boycott, Yang Hyunsuk is corrupt and he was pedophile! The man became interested in his current wife when she was 14, recruited her to a company at 16, this man is dirty! BOYCOTT the YG!


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TaeBreeze973 pts Tuesday, May 28, 2019 29
Tuesday, May 28, 2019

They should’ve fired him already. And let someone else take place. His poor artists are suffering from this.. like honestly ikon is suffering the most I think. They havent gotten a comeback at all since this controversy. I hope that YG goes down in hell for all this. I have no acceptance of him whatsoever. He’s a disgrace to kpop industries. Shame. His artists should start to worry for their wellbeing. But they best get a new person besides him


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