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Jannabi vocalist Choi Jung Hoon makes statement on father's alleged political ties and Yoo Young Hyun's bullying controversy


Jannabi vocalist Choi Jung Hoon released a statement on his father's alleged political ties and Yoo Young Hyun's bullying controversy.

On May 25, SBS' '8 News' reported on businessman Mr. Choi who was currently being investigated for spending 30 million Won ($25,299.45 USD) on entertainment expenses for Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Justice, Kim Hak-eui, and the news show aired footage of the band Jannabi's practice room. Member Choi Jung Hoon is now under fire for allegedly presenting himself as someone who came from an underprivileged background and for his father's alleged ties to a political controversy.

However, Jannabi's label came forward to deny the rumors, stating, "There's absolutely no truth to what the news reported, and it has no relation to us whatsoever. The two sons cited in the news and their father's business has no relation at all, and there's never been a related investigation."

Choi Jung Hoon has also personally spoken up on the issue and former member Yoo Young Hyun's school violence controversy. He posted to Instagram:

"I'm writing this with a terrible heart. Firstly, I sincerely feel that we're all responsible for Young Hyun's school violence issue. We didn't take the time to look back on our pasts because we ran hard only looking towards music. I apologize once again as the leader and on Jannabi's behalf.

I also want to relay the truth on the issues surrounding me. I think that it's my duty to explain myself to the fans who might be uncomfortable as they've been relating to our music and making memories with them. During my childhood and school days, my father ran a business, and we never lacked anything. However in 2012, my father failed his business, and since then, I've never received any help from him. If anything, I've co-signed for my father who dreamed of establishing a new business. That's also the reason why my brother was also included. I think that as sons, there was no question that we should help our father.

From what I know, my father and that person were close friends before I was born. I've never received any benefit because of that person."

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Joanne_Smith456 pts Saturday, May 25, 2019 2
Saturday, May 25, 2019

What is up with wanting to garner bad press for this refreshing relatively new group? Its like someone is jealous. I guess I am glad that the bullying issue was discovered, although i would love to know if since school Young Hyun has continued to demonstrate anger issues or hurtful attacks on people as an adult. Its sad to see the lead singer Jung Hoon have to defend himself after having the guts to go on I Live Alone and share his frugal lifestyle. And its awful to have to put him in the position of a child having to defend a father.


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heyitsmeeee494 pts Saturday, May 25, 2019 0
Saturday, May 25, 2019

Their group is just starting out, these people really trying to damage their career with this unncessarcy claim without proof. Come back when there are facts not just claims.

I'm not trying to defend them, but isn't having one of their member leaving the group not enough? Though I'm glad that the bullying issue was put to light and it's good that they made actions and didn't ignore it. So please just stop already.



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