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Father of Lee brothers from The East Light tears up on how he wasn't able to protect his sons


On May 7, the third trial on the Media Line Entertainment assault case involving The East Light members took place at Seoul Central District Court. Lee Suk Chul and Lee Seung Hyun's father, Lee Woo Suk, and fellow The East Light member Kim Joon Wook attended as witnesses. 

Lee Woo Suk gave his testimony first. He recalled an incident from June 13, 2017, and said, "Lee Seung Hyun got scolded by Moon Young Il PD for issues involving soccer so he didn't want to go back to the agency. He cried, saying PD-nim will beat him to death... But I encouraged him to go. Lee Suk Chul and Lee Seung Hyun returned around 11 pm."

According to the father, Lee Seung Hyun was sweating and in pain when he returned home. Lee Woo Suk took off Lee Seung Hyun's clothes and found bruises on his body. 

Lee Woo Suk said, "After the beating, they did not even provide a single pain relieving patch (for the boys). They didn't take them to the hospital. I thought the agency will provide some sort of treatment. But their hairstylist was the one who put some medication on them after finding a hole in the boys' head."

The father teared up and revealed, "The kids said, 'Dad, you are a police officer. Why can't you treat your sons' pain? I fell into deep shock after hearing that and have been receiving treatment on depression."

He also said, "The East Light has been striving toward their dreams since they were young. The pain in their heart is even greater due to CEO Kim Chang Hwan's lies. Lee Seung Hyun made severe decisions several times because of it. He cut off food to the point where he dropped down to 40kg (90lbs) from 90kg (200 lbs)." Lee Woo Suk tearfully stated, "Those people need to be punished." 

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Glad they exposed the agency, otherwise these guys would have to suffer more. I wonder how dark the K-industry actually is....


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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Poor boys… hope they get therapy and good compensation and those abusers get into prison



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