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Yoochun's side firmly denies suspicions of 'eliminating evidence' + asks media to halt speculations


On April 18, singer/actor Yoochun's legal representative addressed the press in response to ongoing suspicions that the star allegedly attempted to "eliminate evidence" by shaving his hairs.

Yoochun's legal rep stated, "Yoochun has undergone hair removal in parts of his body periodically, ever since his busy promotions as an idol. The police have already acquired plenty of hair evidence via the hairs on Yoochun's legs, which have never been shaven, to the hair roots in order to send the evidence for testing."

The rep added on, "We are greatly concerned by the amount of media articles reporting unconfirmed, speculative content as if they were true when Yoochun is still in the midst of police questioning. Please halt all speculative reports."

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Umbriel562 pts Wednesday, April 17, 2019 4
Wednesday, April 17, 2019

I'm not taking his side but the media tries to frame him so bad. Read this carefully before downvoting.

Although the police acquired Yoochun's unshaved leg hair, the media kept reporting as if there was no hair of Yoochun left to test. Plus, Yoochun's urine test is also negative, why didnt you report it, AKP?

What korean media reported false?

Additionally, yesterday in the morning MBC wrote an article stating "Police confirmed obtainning the CCTV footage Yoochun and Hwang Hana using drugs together."

Few hours later a police official made a statement, "the media reports are not true. We have no CCTV footage of them using drugs together"

Later they reported Yoochun paying for drugs but still no response from the police.

Don't forget that a few days ago the media also reported "Police obtained the CCTV footage of Yoochun entering Hwang Hana's house."

And later it was confirmed that the CCTV footage showed Yoochun enterin his own home, not Hwang hana's.


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chrstnasng44 pts Wednesday, April 17, 2019 0
Wednesday, April 17, 2019

I have to say, I’m so suspicious because now we see NO news or updates about Hwang Hana, suddenly its all about PYC AGAIN. Whether he is lying or not, I hope the truth will be revealed & the right actions are taken.. but lets not forget where these accusations and chaos started..



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