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Gian84 under fire for his behavior while watching Sung Hoon's runway walk at Seoul Fashion week on 'I Live Alone'


Webtoon artist and 'I Live Alone' panelist Gian84 is currently at the center of criticism after the variety show's latest broadcast on April 5. 

On this broadcast, model/actor Sung Hoon returned to the runway for the first time in 6 years, as the head model of a fashion show at the Seoul Fashion week. Gian84 attended the fashion show as an audience member in order to cheer his fellow 'I Live Alone' cast member on; however, once the show began, the webtoon artist caused loud disturbances by laughing, calling out Sung Hoon's name, and behaving inappropriately. 

Sung Hoon walked out on the runway a total of 3 times, and during Sung Hoon's first walk, Gian84 burst into laughter and commented, "Is that really Sung Hoon hyung?". Once Sung Hoon emerged again, Gian84 cried out, "Sung Hoon hyung!" as the actor passed by him. 

Model/actress Kim Sung Ryung and singer/actor Jinyoung, who were sitting to Gian84's left and right, also laughed at the webtoon artist's behavior at first, but eventually couldn't hide their shock at Gian84's actions. 

Watching the footage from the studio, fellow cast members Lee Si Un, Park Na Rae, and Henry also pointed out the severity of Gian84's actions. Gian84 explained, "I was trying to cheer him on like you cheer on a soccer game..." Henry responded to this with, "This is completely different from soccer. This is very serious. It's like you cheered people on during a classical music show. I've been to a lot of fashion shows, but I've never seen anyone calling names like that before." 

Lee Si Un and Park Na Rae also agreed with Henry's criticism, and after hearing his fellow cast members' comments, Gian84 admitted, "Now that I see myself, I was causing a disturbance." The webtoon artist also apologized to Sung Hoon and the viewers.

After the fashion show, Sung Hoon also expressed his shock, with, "That drove me nuts. It's not like I can answer him if he calls me [during the runway]." 

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minodomino1466 pts Saturday, April 6, 2019 3
Saturday, April 6, 2019

If anyone is curious about why this may have happened, here's a tidbit!

In 'I Live Alone', it was mentioned that he has social anxiety and ADHD. Longtime viewers will know that he struggles in social settings (as seen in award ceremonies and other official events). Sometimes he also misses social cues. For example, in one of MBC's award ceremonies, Gian was rambling and Lee Si Eon swiped the mic away from him to get him to stop talking. When they're in a group, the other MC's help him by cutting him off, changing the topic, or by generally making the mood lighter.

Alone, however, I don't think anyone was really there to remind him of social etiquette (for example, if Henry was with him, he probably would've shut Gian up).

Not to mention, Gian has suggested multiple times that he really respects Sung hoon as a hyung, and I think he just got really excited seeing someone he idolizes so much. I don't know if I make any sense, but it's like seeing a really familiar face at an important event (as if to say 'I know this person!'). Sung hoon is also really good at taking care of Gian as seen both before and after the show.

This doesn't mean that his actions were right--I more or less agree with what Henry said. But I hope by writing this, more people will understand that this issue is for Gian to solve alone (or with people close to him), and not for us to blatantly criticize or defend him. I think it's unfortunate articles like this pop up so often, which can make things worse for people struggling with anxiety. I just hope he understands that he made a mistake and the others can continue to help him out!


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DTRT7,223 pts Friday, April 5, 2019 0
Friday, April 5, 2019

This event makes him look like an uncultured bumpkin but it's not a bigger deal than that.



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