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Yuri Holdings files four trademarks for "Seungtsby" but still denies ownership of Seungri's club 'Burning Sun'


Yuri Holdings, where Seungri was previously CEO, filed a trademark related to "Seungtsby."

According to the Korean Intellectual Property Office on Tuesday, Yuri Holdings, Inc. filed four trademarks related to Seungri's nickname "Seungtsby". Three applications had been filed already and one is currently under review. Yuri Holdings explained the meaning behind "Seungtsby" saying its a combination of Seungri and Gatsby meaning "to enjoy the party together." The Company filed under various trademark registrations including advertising, performances, Christmas and party items, book lights, festival decoration LEDs and furniture. 

Also noteworthy is the fact that the fourth patent currently being reviewed by the Intellectual Property Office was filed by a company called "Yumo" for patent applications related to virtual reality gaming software and interactive video game programs. 'Yumo' was founded by Seungri and Park Han Byul's husband Mr. Yoo (current CEO of Burning Sun) and aptly named after the two men. 

Both Seungri and Mr. Yoo are currently embroiled in sexual assault allegations, police collusion, and drug suspicions related to club 'Burning Sun' in the Gangnam area.  Many have raised suspicions that Yuri Holdings, Inc. is the corporate headquarters for club 'Burning Sun' but the company vehemently denied the rumors and said "We merely hold an investment in the club.  The company is not the headquarters nor the holding company for the club."

Meanwhile, Seungri submitted to a voluntary drug test on February 27 and was investigated for over 8.5 hours until the next morning. After that, he canceled all planned concerts overseas and has gone on hiatus until his mandatory military enlistment. 

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Thursday, March 7, 2019

lol did Seungri even read what happened to Gatsby at the end of the book?


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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Some of you need to be very careful about what you say on these pages. Calling Seungri or anyone a rapist or a pimp, or accusing him of prostitution is considered libel if it is not true. At this point Seungri has not been charged with anything. Some of you better pray that he does get charged. If he doesn't you could be sued. YG likes suing people.Some of you may think that you're untouchable, because you don't live in Korea- not so much. This is libel in the west as well. Apparently some you need to learn this lesson the hard way. I could say, I hope this doesn't happen to you- but the truth is, I'll be sitting here with a glass of smoky 15 year old single malt enjoying the show.



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