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MONSTA X give hopeful advice to hoobae idols to keep moving forward, even if there are no good results right now


The members of MONSTA X feel proud that they are able to set an example for their hoobae idols, they shared in a recent interview. 

MONSTA X, who celebrate their 4th anniversary since debut this year, opened up about how the going wasn't easy in their earlier years. Jooheon expressed, "When we debuted, I was confident that we would win #1 no matter what. I thought, 'The 7 of us will hit it big'. But the world is not that easy. But I think going through these realizations, one step at a time, helped to strengthen us." 

Minhyuk continued, "We have been active for about 4 years now, and we worked hard all this time without breaks. It wasn't that our company ordered us to, we just wanted to do our best. Even when we were allotted holidays, we would head to the practice room and practice, or work. Now, we have several hoobaes who debuted after us. I feel proud that we can show the hoobaes, how you can reach your goals if you keep running forward, even if your current album isn't doing well right now. These days, I'm very happy with our results." 

Finally, the MONSTA X members chimed, "All 7 of us will continue to dance and sing on stage until our bones break, throughout these promotions. We will work hard so that we can later embark on a dome tour in Japan, and perform at the Staples Center in the U.S."

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trogdorthe8th6,908 pts Friday, March 1, 2019 2
Friday, March 1, 2019

Monsta X is one of those groups that couldn't seem to catch a break for several reasons in the beginning. They've always had great songs, and people will argue which ones should have broken to number 1 first. I appreciate their sentiments, but a lot of it really does come down to timing, and hitting your audience with the right sound at the right moment. It was hard for them initially because several other groups came out with similar concepts- iKon debuted the same year, and BTS found their stride with growing mainstream success. So what you end up having are groups with similar sounds/concepts, as well as an equally strong presence on stage. Later, certain groups had the right song drop which surged their popularity, and Monsta X for a time sort of got left in the dust. It wasn't that they weren't working hard enough or making music- it's an overly saturated market, with new groups debuting every 6 months or so with similar concepts, both male and female. So it's hard break through all of that, even if you have the right look, the right sound, the right formula, the complete package. Despite all that, I'm proud of them for spreading the message to keep doing what you love, even though it's not completely realistic to say that your dreams will become a reality. We've too often seen that is not the case, but I'm incredibly proud of them for all they have accomplished, despite the delayed accolades for their work and efforts.


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cjnvm388 pts Friday, March 1, 2019 1
Friday, March 1, 2019

Nice timing for this article, especially with the news about what Seungri said to a trainee about giving up on his dream and ridiculed him in front of staff members. Don't listen to people like Seungri, believe in yourself and chase your dream, don't settle because life is short and you'll always regret it in the end.


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