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Posted by kevanimeweird970 pts Sunday, March 17, 2019

KPOP songs I use as fitness workouts


Amidst all the drama on Allkpop, I wanted to share a few Kpop songs I like to use as workouts rather than you know, actually working out at a gym or something. I find that these songs are beneficial to me getting a good half an hour of working out every day after work.

Let me be clear, I don't necessarily learn the choreography for the entirety of most songs and usually focus on chorus or dance break parts

I'm not saying that this is for everyone but for those of you who are interested here's my take on Kpop for fitness.

Warm up

Girls' Generation - Genie

I find that this is a nice warming up song. Gets the blood going and energizes you for the next couple of songs without tiring you out too quickly. If you don't know the full choreography then you can lightly jog from side to side then dance the parts you know.

First song:

Upperbody workout

Roly Poly by T-ara

A good starter up song. Gets those arms moving.

I also like to use the chorus and ending choreography for Dudduddu: BlackPink

Song 2:

Pristin: Wee Woo

A nice transitional song that slowly edges you into a lower body workout. Johahae boo boo! 

NB: Try BangBangBang by Big Bang

Song 3: Lowerbody

Orange Caramel: My copycat

Sweet lord! I hate jumping, but there's just something fun an exciting about performing the chorus of this song and it gives you a nice lower body workout.

or try Gangnam Style by Psy:

Song 4:

BAP: One shot

I only know the chorus for 'One shot' but that is enough for me. I freestyle most of the choreo then it's on my knees for those mountain climber dance moves.

Cool down songs: These are songs I use to catch my breath, take a water break etc. 

I like the lazy but precise movement of the chorus dance. Nice cool down that keeps you moving while not overexerting yourself.

Full body workout:

Song 5

Momoland: BBOOM BOOM

Nice full body workout for me. As I said jumping is a no no for me but jumping is what I do when I hit the chorus for this song. Challenge yourself, try yelling 'great' during the chorus without wheezing lol.

Song 6

Miss A : Breathe

I thought this choreo looked easy but after attempting it the first time, I couldn't breathe lol. It's a great full body workout. I like to lean my legs up against the wall for the part where one member holds another member's legs and does a walking motion. 

Song 7:

BTS: Fire

Err body say LALALALALA. Fire was the first full choreo for BTS I learnt and it just gets me so pumped!

Song 8:

Wonder girls: Like this

I like to end with a song that makes me go all out and just have so much fun all the way to the end. 

Cool down

Apink - Luv

These are just some of go to workout playlist songs. There a lot of kpop songs out there whose choreography can have us all feeling energetic and ready to move. I also do like 30 minutes of Kpop random dance mixes from youtube which are also just as fun and easy to do.

Do any of you use Kpop dances as workouts? If so what songs do you use? 

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    SornIsBae1,401 pts Sunday, March 17, 2019 0
    Sunday, March 17, 2019

    Miss A, BEG and f(x) have amazing workout songs XD



    xhecthor118 pts Friday, March 22, 2019 0
    Friday, March 22, 2019

    I don't dance to the songs (I'm just really bad at dancing any kind of music) but, What about you try Celeb Five? Their songs seems like a full work out to me.



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