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Kpop idols who cosplay as Different Movie characters in their Mv

Everyone loves it when their favorite Idol dress up as famous Comic book Superhero or Famous movie Character especially  in a MV .Just to see their acting skills being put to the test .

lets see the contenders shall we and see who's your favorite .

Aoa get out

In this Mv every single members get to portray a Famous Movie characters that we all know and love such as 

Hyejeong as the bride in Martial Art Film "Kill Bill".

Did she rock this look or what ,  I mean look at that just beautiful. 

while Mina portray as Audrey Hepburn Character  in the hit classical movie Breakfast at Tiffanys as Holly Golightly as the naive , eccentric cafe society girl.

Now this Mv was pure gold and one my favorite  songs of Aoa. 

Queen of Cosplays 


Early 2018 Twice released  their first song of the year "What is love "? And the members  once again cosplay as Female Protangist who are looking  for love in their movie  roles.

Nayeon portrayed as 

Princess Mia 

Shy San Francisco teenager when she finds out shes a Princess .

Pretty Good movie that brings me Nostalgia  memories ,ahh the days back to the article.

  While Jeongyeon  and Sana making clay sculpture making a reference to the scene in 1990 Romantic  Movie  "Ghost " 

One of the most Iconic Movie scenes in Cineme History  . I  have to say Sana and Jeongyeon  certainly  pulled of this scene together  , great chemistry between them .

However this is not the first time Twice cosplay but they have done others in their hit songs such as "TT" and their most popular  song "Cheer up .

BToB -Movie 

In this Mv the boys are seen well lol acting in movie  and playing their scenes and confessing their love to a girl just like it says in the title .

Illhoon is seen  here playing as the joker trying  to make the girl fell in love with him.

Nine Muses in their "Drama "MV in the scene where soojin was blown up in the air making it a reference the most Iconic  scene in Cinema History Marilyn Monroe in the "Seven year itch" where her dress was blown up.


Brown Eyed girls also made a reference  to Martial Film Kill Bill

As Members Jea and Gain are recreating the scene where the bride was in the hospital and eye patch lady  visit her to give  her (the bride)

an injection. 

Jea Portraying Elle Driver/Eyepatch lady

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    Realvibekiller443 pts Thursday, March 14, 2019 0
    Thursday, March 14, 2019

    Well, T-ara created a whole movie with their MV for Day By Day plus a sequel with another song so...

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    Thursday, March 14, 2019

    Holly Golightly is the name of Audrey Hepburn's character

    Yuna is cosplaying a pre-reboot Lara Croft cosplay from the Angelina Jolie movie back in the early aughts.

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