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B.A.P's Daehyun under fire for 'robbing' fans with crowdfunding


The crowdfunding event forB.A.P's Daehyun has become controversial. 

The idol star recently parted ways with TS Entertainment and is now preparing for his solo promotions. Through the crowdfunding platform, Culture Bridge, Daehyun started the 'Daehyun Mini-album Project' and asked fans for contribution on his new start. 

The goal of the project is to reach 30 million KRW (26,572 USD). The goal was met 100% on the day the project opened on March 5. As of the 6th, the fund has exceeded the goal and has reached over 52 million KRW (46,103 USD).

There are no issues with the crowdfunding event itself, but many are displeased with the rewards provided for contributors. 

There are 6 levels to the crowdfunding amount. First is the 'H Project' (15,000 KRW or 13 USD), second the 'O Project' (50,000 KRW or 44 USD), third the 'L Project' (100,000 KRW or 89 USD), fourth the 'D Project,' (200,000 KRW or 177 USD), fifth the 'ON Project' (300,000 KRW or 266 KRW), and last the 'BABY Project' (500,000 KRW or 443 USD). 

'H Project' contributors are rewarded with Daehyun's first mini album, morning call audio file, and a thank-you clip. 'O Project' contributors receive 4 types of photo cards and a handwritten letter from Daehyun in addition. 'L Project' contributors are additionally given a special photo book. 'D Project' contributors receive an invitation to Daehyun's birthday party. 'ON Project' contributors are given a backstage tour. And lastly, the 'BABY Project' contributors can attend Daehyun's mini album celebratory concert. 

Fans are understanding of the crowdfunding event but expressed disappointment at how Daehyun put up an excessive amount of funds in exchange for rewards. 

Usually, concert tickets range from 100,000 KRW to 150,000 KRW. 

In addition, the details on the listed events are not yet announced. It's unknown when and where the events will take place. 

Comments stated"He must seriously think fans are ATM machines.." "I mean, he probably has some money he has earned but he doesn't want to use that and only wants help from fans."

In response to the issue, Daehyun stated to Sports Kyunghyang,  "It's a method I've chosen because I wanted to do things on my own but I'm sorry to the fans. They may not like the funding system but I am trying my best to do more than how much they've invested in me."

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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

These prices/rewards aren't really any different than you'd see on similar idol crowd funding projects, and those are usually from groups that have an entertainment company financially backing them?



Jaxie75 pts Wednesday, March 6, 2019 3
Wednesday, March 6, 2019

how about we NOT trash idols that are trying to make their living.

I see nothing wrong with anything he has done up to this point.

if you don't like his prices, don't go. that simple.

donate only what you can afford.

This article was a waste of time and honestly, its toxic. Do you people not stop to think about how what you write can actually affect a living human's life?????


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