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3 Thoughts about upcoming girl group EVERGLOW


Hey guys, SquidMaster here. Today, I want to share 3 important thoughts about Yuehua's new girl group, EVERGLOW. For those not familiar with the group, EVERGLOW is a 6-member group featuring E:USihyeonMiaOndaAisha, and Yiren. The group is set to debut on March 18, 2019.

1) The Produce 48 Hype.

One of the biggest reasons that EVERGLOW is receiving so much attention is because of the two 'Produce 48' contestants: Sihyeon and Yiren. The two have especially been noted for having stunning visuals and great performance potential. For this reason alone, don't be surprised if there is enormous initial support for this group. But this also means that there are certain expectations for Sihyeon and Yiren. Though both of them did fantastic on 'Produce 48,' audiences will want to see that the two have improved if they are to sustain the interest of the public. 

Which brings me to my next point. If EVERGLOW wants to become a truly successful group, the talk about them has to transcend just those two members. E:U, Mia, Onda, and Aisha will need to show why they should be loved just as much, whether it's through singing, rapping, dancing, variety personalities, e.t.c.

In addition, it will be curious to see if Yuehua trainee Choi Yena, who is currently promoting with IZ*ONE, will join EVERGLOW after the former ultimately disbands. By the time IZ*ONE disbands, Choi Yena will have the significant star power that may be able to push EVERGLOW's popularity even higher.

2) What's the concept?

Based on the several dance cover videos that EVERGLOW has posted, we can safely say that this group is confident in their dancing. Furthermore, these dance videos have featured more or less 'sexy' or 'femme fatale'-esque concepts. Visually, it also seems like the members are more geared towards a mature feminine charm. However, this type of concept may be difficult to distinguish themselves with, which will be discussed in #3.

The concept photo will be released on March 8th, which will give us a better understanding of the concept that the girls will be debuting with.

3) How are they going to stack up with other 2019 debut girl groups?

Earlier this year, the talk of 2019 debut girl groups seemed to center around only one group: ITZY. But slowly and surely, there seems to be more competition stacking against the JYP group, including a visually-packed Cherry Bullet, upcoming groups such as Rendevouz and Y.E.S, and now, EVERGLOW.

There's no question that EVERGLOW is going to be facing some major competition, most notably from ITZY. And because of ITZY's badass/girl crush concept (which is what I predict EVERGLOW's debut concept will be as well), it may be tough to distinguish themselves in this hyper-competitive environment. This group is going to have to present something that is sincerely unique or interesting enough which will tell everyone why EVERGLOW is different from existing groups. If they don't, they will fade into the background as ITZY and Cherry Bullet take the spotlight for best rookie girl groups.

ps: Sihyeon literally is identical to Suzy. Wow.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

My goodness they are so pretty



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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

I don't know if produce 48 hype will follow the current two members that much at all. I'm pissed at voters that Yiren was not in the final lineup. Korean voters lost more and more interest in the two girls each week the show approached conclusion which was a pity. I've been captivated by Yiren when I first saw her on produce48. She's like a siren that I'm compelled to admire and helpless to stan at her attractive aura.



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