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Netizens criticize Pledis Entertainment for sending PRISTIN's Xiyeon alone to her high school graduation


Netizens discussed the alleged injustice behind PRISTIN Xiyeon's high school graduation.

On February 15, stars born between 1999-2000 attended the senior graduation of School of Performing Arts Seoul. Among those celebrities was PRISTIN's Xiyeon, a girl group member from Pledis Entertainment

According to the netizens, Xiyeon was found alone at the graduation ceremony, without any special mention of her achievements as a current idol. 

The source wrote, "She didn't even stand in front of the photo zone and didn't receive the achievement award that supposedly all idols who debuted receive.. A person who even broke off from a group received it, but Xiyeon wasn't awarded. And, they say she just sat in the back of the room with her friends, without even a manager (accompanying her)."

Below the post, other top-voted comments revealed:

"If they have resorted to this, isn't it almost a career scam;;; I would be less angry if Xiyeon's trainee days were shorter, but she didn't just practice for 3, 4 years -- she spent 9 years as a trainee, and if they were gonna neglect her after her debut then why did they even keep her for all those years;;"

"For what unresolved issue are they they keeping their time stagnant for over a year??? These PRISTIN members did not spend a short amount of time as a trainee, and actually devoted their school days for this. And, why are they not caring for them? It's not like their sales were bad when they debuted, so why? I'm not even their stan, but I'm curious. If they just made steady comebacks like other groups, then I'm sure that they could grow??"

"They say someone randomly took a photo when a girl came out of a taxi without a manager. Later, they realized that that person was Xiyeon."

Many other comments also showed disapproval toward the agency, sharing opinions such as, "shouldn't [the agency] know better after going through it with NU'EST..? NU'EST also didn't have any issues with skills nor visuals and the only reason why they came out on 'Produce 101' was because of the agency".

What do you think of this issue?

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Frank_KnowsBest1,330 pts Sunday, February 17, 2019 3
Sunday, February 17, 2019

I really feel sorry for the Pristin girls. Pledis treats them horribly.


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moonie97239 pts Sunday, February 17, 2019 0
Sunday, February 17, 2019

Wow she devoted 9 years of her youth to be treated like this? So sad :(



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