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Posted by Areths5 pts Thursday, January 24, 2019

The real reason behind the anger towards BLACKPINK's stylist


Early this morning many articles were released based on rumors surrounding Jieun, the current stylist of BLACKPINK.

She was already a hot topic among the quartet fandom, and not in a good way.

Many blinks, in fact, complained about her poor work for almost a year and a half, when YG Entertainment decided to change the stylist and give Jieun (the last fashion head chief of BIGBANG) the job.

BLACKPINK’s stylist became a more heated topic after yesterday, when she won an award at Gaon Music Awards as “Style of The Year”.

The dissatisfactions of BLACKPINK’s fandom were born after seeing Rosé and Lisa wearing repetitive clothes and even recycled from the dancers closet.

After a fan found out that Jieun follow just Jennie and Jisoo on instagram the mistreatment of the maknae line were more visible.

Not only this but Rosé and Jennie also suffered a wardrobe malfunction during MMA when their top ripped on their backs while dancing, showing the inadequacy of such dresses for a dance performance.

Fans commented

“She won just because she had an unlimited budget from YG Entertainment and had the opportunity to throw any kind of beautiful clothes at them, but if she was the stylist of another gg with a limited budget she would be unemployed now.”

“With all the rumors surrounding her it’s no surprise how she dressed Lisa and Rosé until now.”

“So this is the reason why the girls don’t thank her that much during their speech but only the hair stylist and make-up stylist?”

“I hope BLACKPINK change their stylist soon.”

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    MissMichele1 pt Thursday, January 24, 2019 6
    Thursday, January 24, 2019

    I think the stylist is totally slacking on Blackpink... Jennie’s outfits at Gaon looked exactly like one of the outfits that she previously wore to another awards show like a year ago... the stylist is dressing Lisa in clothes that the dancers wear and she is definitely not doing her best for Rosé... I think she has gotten lazy and full of herself since she is the main stylist for Big Bang and used to be for 2NE1... maybe she needs to prioritize what’s important: a job that gives you creative freedom or no job...


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    Queen_Sana228 pts Thursday, January 24, 2019 0
    Thursday, January 24, 2019

    okay i have nothing to do with BP or Blinks but i like there music that being said why the hell Lisa wearing that back dancer dress and this person who is there stylist only give Jennie cool outfits now you guys will say oh they have there own style Lisa have street style and all that crap

    Stop protecting this stylist she is a basic B****

    Sorry not sorry



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