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Six Male Idols scheduled to enlist in 2019


From Seungri (Bigbang) to Xiumin (EXO), many famous male idols is going to say goodbye to fans to complete their military service.

Due to the reform of the military service law in 2018, male artists who are not exempted from military service and have not completed their duty have to enlist at the age of 28 at the latest. The idols who have passed the age of 28 in 2018 such as Yoon Doo Joon, Jung Yong Hwa, Jokwon, Onew have all joined the army, breaking the fans' hearts. Entering the new year of 2019, stars born in 1990 will also join the army.

1.Big Bang's Seungri

As the youngest one in Bigbang - Korea's representative idol group, Seungri is the only member who has not yet to enlist and is still working hard alone. Starting with the release of the solo album in July 2018 after five years, the male singer has been active in various fields from music programs to entertainment shows and business. In 2019, Seungri plans to put all of his efforts into the concert before joining the army, starting with the international tour. Prior to that, he once promised to enlist quickly, "I hope Bigbang will be able to stand by each other's side as soon as possible. I don't want the void of Bigbang to last any longer."

Big Bang Seungri

2. EXO's Xiumin

EXO member Xiumin is also named on the list of artists born in 1990. Until now, no EXO member has enlisted; however, Xiumin is the eldest member of the group, so the male idol surely will be the first to join the army. EXO is a popular boy group, which has marked many memorable milestones in K-pop history. After the enlistment of Xiumin, it is expected that other members of the group will follow him to serve in the army in succession. However, up to now, Xiumin has never mentioned his specific enlistment plan.

EXO Xiumin

3 & 4. Highlight (formerly Beast) Yoseob and Lee Ki Kwang

Starting from Yoon Doo Joon, members of the group Highlight are, in turn, preparing to enlist. In August 2017, member Yang Yo Seob - born in 1990 - attended the military service exam. As soon as he learned that he had passed the exam, he immediately announced his plan to enlist in 2019. Yang Yo Seob will enlist on January 24, 2019.

Lee Ki Kwang and Yang Yo Seob will join the army at the same time in the first half of 2019. Lee Ki Kwang has passed the exam after working so hard for it so his demobilization time is expected to be close to that of Yang Yo Seob. They all showed their determination to continue working with Highlight after completing their duties. Even after Yoon Doo Joon joined the army, the group still held the last concert altogether.

Highlight Yoseob
Highlight Lee Ki Kwang

5 & 6. VIXX's N and Leo

N - born in 1990 - is carrying out dynamic activities as both an actor and an idol. N received positive responses when perfectly portraying the role of Kim Hwan - a spiteful new recruit at a bank - in the drama "Familiar Wife". Though he is a multi-talented artist, N indeed couldn't avoid his enlistment. He announced his plan to join the army, "Performing duty is an obvious thing to do", "As I'm the eldest, I will go first".

Leo - a male idol born in 1990 - has had a busy year in 2018 when continuously switching between his solo activities, group activities, and musicals. At the moment, he's preparing to enlist with member N. Leo has never directly shared his stance regarding his enlistment. However, it can be seen that he will together with N perform his military service just like everyone else.



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  4. Yoseob
  5. N
  6. Leo
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Xiumin still looks like a baby to me :(


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nice article. good work =)



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