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Moon Hee Jun says he was traumatized by Kim Jong Kook calling him 'fatty'


Moon Hee Jun revealed he was incredibly traumatized by Kim Jong Kook calling him "fatty" on a previous episode of 'Running Man'. 

On the January 26th installment of 'Knowing Brothers', Moon Hee Jun featured as a guest and shared he's been dealing with the aftermath of being called "fatty" by well-known fit star Kim Jong Kook. The H.O.T member explained, "I don't think I should appear today. I lived in trauma for the past 2 years because Kim Jong Kook called me 'fatty' on 'Running Man'. They told me the concept of today's episode is 'the pig's sun.'"  

Super Junior's Heechul then said, "You were asked to be a guest because of your Chinese zodiac sign," and Moon Hee Jun responded, "My Chinese zodiac sign is the horse."

In related news, Kim Jong Kook followed up with an apology for his insensitive remark towards Moon Hee Jun. 

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Ohboy697,978 pts Saturday, January 26, 2019 7
Saturday, January 26, 2019

I know that many people here are going to comment on how he is fat and that the comment wasn't even that bad, but... Heejun has been mercilessly bullied by people for his weight, and it's been going on FOR YEARS. And it's just one of the many things he's been bullied for in general, ever since H.O.T. disbanded, so yeah, it's not surprising he didn't like being called a "fatty" by a fellow celebrity.

If I remember correctly, his weight is a result of health problems, and it fluctuates quite a lot.


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Sassysly555414 pts Saturday, January 26, 2019 1
Saturday, January 26, 2019

its interesting that in most society fat shaming is looked down on but it Korea its seems so normal to comment on ones weight. I felt so uncomfortable watching moms diary as Hong Jin-young constantly cut down her sister on camera about her weight. We get it, shes a big girl, but to constantly make remarks on it wont help her lose , it's just going to get her more anxious and depressed which will lead her to more over eating! People need to understand that fat shaming isnt acceptable in any circumstance. If you want to help someone in any situation you need to have some positive reinforcement and encouraging words! People think losing weight is so easy, just stop eating lol sorry , it's not that easy its hard work and dedication to countless hours of planning meals and work outs and then actually seeing them through

Anyway, my point is people need to stop shaming others and instead kjk could have some after the show and offered to help Moon Hee Jun.


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