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Kang Sung Hoon's fanclub manager reveals his name was used for fraud + proof that Kang Sung Hoon's fanclub embezzled money comes out


A man claiming to be Kang Sung Hoon's girlfriend's older brother expressed his frustration.

The man revealed that Kang Sung Hoon had established the company and the fanclub under the brother's name. Not only that, he and his girlfriend also borrowed a car under the brother's name and stopped paying the lease, making the brother's credit plummet. 

The man (Mr. Park) is listed as CEO to the company 'Forever 2228', which manages Kang Sung Hoon's fanclub Hoony World. He met with Sunday News on the 22nd and talked about everything he had suffered. His sister and Kang Sung Hoon have not paid the lease on the car leased under his name, making his credit score plummet. 

Mr. Park had run a restaurant and met Kang Sung Hoon in 2015 after his little sister, who had been a longtime fan, told him that Kang Sung Hoon had confessed to her. (The following is a conversation he had with Kang Sung Hoon as well as a photo of his younger sister with Kang Sung Hoon.)

In November 2015, Mr. Park's younger sister asked him to lease a Land Rover. She was a freelancer and lacked the credits to lease a car. She was driving a Kia, and said she was embarrassed to drive the car when going to meet Kang Sung Hoon's family and friends. Mr. Park did so for his younger sister's sake, but photos of Kang Sung Hoon driving the car appeared on SNS as well.

In April 2016 after 'Infinity Challenge', Mr. Park's younger sister approached him about creating Kang Sung Hoon related goods. Previously, Kang Sung Hoon had made his goods through another agency, who only gave him 20-30% of the sales. Mr. Park had experience working in Dongdaemoon (which sells self-made celebrity goods) and helped his little sister without any pay. The goods made with his help were sold out in June 2016, when Kang Sung Hoon had his fanmeeting. However, during the sales, they used a card machine borrowed from the Busan agency that hosted the fanmeeting. The agency took a percentage of the sales, and because it was higher than thought, Kang Sung Hoon and Mr. Park's sister were unhappy with the percentage.

Mr. Park's younger sister asked Mr. Park then asked Mr. Park to register a business under his name. She had run the business with Kang Sung Hoon, but her reason was that it didn't look good for a family member to make money from Kang Sung Hoon, and if the co-founder was a woman, there were problems because it looked like there was a relationship. Mr. Park believed in Kang Sung Hoon, and ended up registering the name in July 2016 under his own name and made a bank account for them as well.

In January 2017, Mr. Park's younger sister asked him to help, and then also asked for investments to make Kang Sung Hoon goods. She borrowed over 10 million KRW (approximately 9,000 USD) from him, but then gave him money for all the work he'd done for her. She and Kang Sung Hoon paid him 13 million KRW (approximately 12,000 USD) for the work he did on 3 events.

In July 2017, Mr. Park closed his restaurant and was looking to do something else. Mr. Park's sister suggested that he just help their work and become the fanclub manager and told him that the fanclub manager's pay was very low at around 1,000,000 KRW per month (approximately 900 USD). Hearing this, Mr. Park suggested that he would invest 40 million KRW for a total of 80 million KRW in investments (71,500 USD). In exchange, he would be paid 2,500,000 KRW (2,200 USD per month to include interest in his investments.

However, Kang Sung Hoon and his little sister stopped contacting him and paying him afterward. In winter 2017, Mr. Park asked his sister and Kang Sung Hoon if he was working, and said he did not have even living wages currently. She told him that they would start work on January 1st.

However, in December 2017, Kang Sung Hoon asked him for more money. Mr. Park's little sister told Mr. Park that Kang Sung Hoon had to repay debts to a creditor who kept coming to demand repayment. She told Mr. Park that the more urgent fire had to be put out. Hearing this, on December 14th, 2017, Mr. Park borrowed money to let Kang Sung Hoon borrow 20 million KRW (18,000 USD).

Starting in January 2018 and until April when he quit, Mr. Park received 4 payments of 2.5 million KRW as promised. In February, he received a bonus of 2.5 million KRW for working on Kang Sung Hoon's birthday party. However, the payment date was always random. Mr. Park was frequently stressed because he had to pay off debts regularly (debts he incurred because of Kang Sung Hoon), and told them he would quit in April.

While looking for new work, he found out that in May 2018, someone had tried to use the bank account he had lent to Forever 2228 to get loans. He asked his younger sister and Kang Sung Hoon if they had tried to use it, and they both said no. Mr. Park was afraid something bad would happen and tried to close the account. Because of this, Kang Sung Hoon thought he was taking all the rest of the money, and sent him a text that read: 

"[Mr. Park], do you think I'm lying to you? Do I look like sh*t to you since I always smiled at you? Are you joking with me? You two solve your own problems and put the money back. And this isn't just once or twice. I trusted you and used your account, and are you trying to f*ck me over? I liked you so I thought of you well, but you've crossed the line. I have to pay the rent with that money so you give that over. I'll give you back the money I borrowed from you, so as you said, you just leave Hoony World. If I can't pay the space rent and the space gets canceled, you take care of the cancellation fees. I heard you talking to your little sister and you said you'd sue her. Is that something you say to your little sister? I just let it go when you were cursing her out in the morning. Do you think you'd feel good if I cursed at your girlfriend? I'm so disappointed in you. You put everything back. As you said, stop working on Hoony World and let's fix the name on the registration. Before that, you leave everything the way it was. It's not a request, but something you have to do. It's under your name, but it's not yours."

After this, the two basically stopped contacting each other. Mr. Park continued to ask to be paid back from his little sister, who paid him back 2.4 million KRW in September, 2 million KRW in October, and 2 million KRW in November, and then stopped. Out of his 80 million in investments, Mr. Park has received 8.9 million back. He lent 20 million KRW to Kang Sung Hoon, and has not yet received 6.85 million of it yet. Because Hoony World is under his name and Kang Sung Hoon and his sister have not paid the taxes, he also has failed to pay taxes. The car that he leased for his little sister also has not been paid for.

It's also been revealed that Hoony World, as accused, has been taking the money from fans. The below documents show that Hoony World paid CGV 32,753,000 KRW to rent the space. However, they told fanclub members that they had paid 78,288,000 KRW, meaning they took 45,535,000 KRW. Also, Hoony World had claimed that other expenses had cost 6,865,000 KRW when records show 1,335,000 KRW, and 4,488,000 KRW when records showed 6,336,000 KRW, making for a total difference of 7,578,000 KRW.

Kang Sung Hoon could not be reached for a statement.

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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Me after reading all that


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Monday, January 28, 2019

Kang Sung Hoon. Just Come Out And State CLEAR FACTS. So many stories withoutproof going on. He needs to either clear his name or accept his wrongdoings!



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