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Jennie is Literally the MOST HATED Person In Kpop, and It's So Dumb


DISCLAIMER: I didn't make this post to hate on Lisa or create fan battle, I just wanted to let people know the truth about Jennie, so don't get pissed because I mentioned Lisa, because I didn't even compare her to Jennie, I just said Lisa does in fact get promotions and opportunities, because people always like to make Jennie and Lisa enemies when the truth is they love eachother, and Jennie isn't jealous of Lisa, okay.

I saw this somewhere in a youtube comment section, but couldn't find it so I searched allkpop, here is the original post:https://www.allkpop.com/forum/...I used it to back up my claim, I have no intention of steeling, I just thought it would help open people's eyes, I added my own things to it, and it wasn't intended for any other purposes than to stop hate towards Jennie, so please don't downvote it know that you know my intentions, I want more people to know the truth about Jennie, I am not doing this for attention, it is something that has been bothering me:

Lets start comparing the girls predebut promotions.

Jennie joined in 2010, Lisa and Jisoo in 2011, Rose in 2012


Training video

Training video

Actress of “That xx” mv

Female vocalist of “GGBE”

Female vocalist of “Black”

Rapper of “Special”


Dancer in”Ringa Linga” mv

Training video

Nona9on 2014

Nona9on 2015

Nona9on 2015/2016 look book

Nona9on 2016 fall/ winter

Nona9on 2016


LG cf with iKON

Smart uniform CF with iKON

Angel Stone CF( individual)

Actress of “Spoiler” mv

Nikon CF( individual)

Actress of “l’m different” mv

Samsonite CF with Lee Minho

Actress of “Happen ending” mv

Cameo in 3 episodes of the drama “the producers”


Dancer in “Ringa Linga” mv

Female vocalist of “Without u”

“TV appearance”


Fantastic Duo with Lisa

Radio Star with Rose

Running Man with Jennie

Get It Beauty

Food Talk

King of Masked Singer

Unexpected Q

Amazing Saturday


Fantastic duo with jisoo

Get it beauty

Lisa tv

Real Men 3


Radio Star with Jisoo

King of Masked Singer

Fantastic Duo
Amazing saturday


Mixnine (as a judge)

Running Man with Jisoo

Village Survival

Running Man (alone)

I missed some, but I checked their credits and Jennie has around the same number of appearances and Chae and Lisa

“Special stages”


Jinjido special stage

Boyfriend special stage

Winter Child special stage (all of them are from Inkigayo)


Butterfly collaboration stage

Acoustic collaboration stage


Street dance collaboration stage


Jennie has the least collaboration stage, and has the same number of tv appearances as Lisa and Chae, sure she’s YG fave.

"Line Distributions"

Boombayah: Rosé

Whistle: Jennie

Aiiyl: Lisa

Pwf: Lisa

Stay: Rose

DDDD: Rose

Forever young: Jennie

See u later: Jennie

Really: Rose

Yes Jisoo has the least lines but way more promotion and public exposure than other members. I don’t understand how some ppl are mad at Rose and Jennie for getting “too much lines”, they’re the MAIN rapper and the MAIN vocalist. Are u expecting them to have the least ones or what? And Jennie is a rapper and a vocalist.

"Most screentime"

Boombayah: Lisa

Whistle: Lisa

Stay: Jennie

Aiiyl: Lisa

Pwf: Lisa

DDDD: Rose

Again Jennie doesn’t have the most screeentime in most Bp’s mv. and yess you’re dumb if you gonna attack lisa for this so don’t. And for her screentime in BP’s CFs, oh please, are u expecting the center of the group to have the least screentime?!! And no she isn’t always the center of the pics or have the most center positions in the dance. Don’t hate on centers just because they’re centers, Jennie, Nayeon, Beakhyun, Jungkook and others have been receiving a lot of hate for having “ too much line and screentime”, hun are u expecting them to have less than the other members when they’re centers?!!

Now lets talk about clothes.

1. Jennie’s outfits aren’t always the most expensive, she just makes them look expensive.

2. Her clothes are most of the time ugly and she can’t even dance wearing it, they look good just cause Kim Rubyjane Jennie wore it.

3. Her outfits are sponsored, a lot of brands want to sponsor her cause whatever she wears becomes a trend. For ex. when she wore the “unicorns and rainbows” hoodie, it was sold out in less than 12 h and a lot of idols wore it in the next day. Same for lrene Kim bag, Dior lipstick, Puma new collection etc. Also Fucci, one of the biggest names in the fashion industry who worked for multiple celebrities like Rihanna posted a picture of Jennie’s airport fashion in his ig account.

4. Jennie had a lot of interest in fashion since she was young, she has said it herself in multiple interviews. Anyway Jennie remains unbothered. You can all stay mad and pressed by her for the most ridiculous reasons, it won’t change anything.

EDIT: I would like to add to this that Lisa gets a lot promotions from YG and Fans, she even got the x academy thing and at their recent concert, she got a solo stage while Chae and Jisoo didn't she also got a few different outfits than last time while the others got identical ones, she also got a fanmeeting before Jennie even went solo lo lo lo lo lo. I am not hating on Lisa just saying, Chae is the one who actually gets treated the most unfairly, just look at this list and try to tell me otherwise, also about clothes, I actually like Lisa's clothes I think they give her a swaggy vibe and help her stand out, also she is the only member who constantly changes her hair color and dies it unique colors, that helps her stand out too but no one says that YG just gives it to her to make her stand out, why? because none for their makeup and clothes are meant for one person to take the attention away, like one time they all got black dresses and Chae got a white one, does that mean she is YG's fav?. Also Lisa got all the rap lines in pwf and aiiyl, and Jennie got none but no one cared, but Jennie got alot if singing lines in those songs bc she didn't rap and everyone became pressed. The only things Jennie gets a lot more of are better clothes, and their is a reason for that, just like there is a reason she gets a lot of lines and screen time.

I do agree Jennie is YG's ace and Chaesoo deserve to get more promotions, but to say Jennie is only here because YG likes her, or that because she is rich, and she doesn't deserve this attention is wrong, and also ppl came for her for being rich, but they all come from rich families. Also keep in mind I don't hate that Lisa doesn't get negative attention while Jennie doesn't, I just think no one deserves it and people are having double standards. Lisa had to wear a back up dancers outfit(which she somehow made look stunning idk how) and her dance break got cut and she gets payed less(that isn't towards Lisa, but to all foreigners) so I don't think that she is treated fairly by YG, no one is. No fanwars please blinks are ONE. 

About the lazy thing, she clearly wasn't putting forth all her effort, but I don't think it is because she doesn't care about Blackpink or performing well or that she is spoiled, I think it has to do with the negativity, even in some solo clips you can see her putting on a forced smile rather than a genuine one, to me she doesn't look bored she looks scared and down, like she looked at the ground once while performing, she clearly isn't mentally there when performing, but the thing is people compare her energy to other members when Jennie has a busier schedule. Tbh I think she should have apologized but we shouldn't have made such a big deal and just labeled her someone who doesn't care and doesn't work hard, and that isn't the case, all idols have to work hard, Jennie trained for a long time to get where she is. Like she fixed it, move on.

People said she is spoiled for being allowed to date, and I would just like to say that there is no way YG didn't know, but also she isn't allowed to date I think YG decided to release the news to take attention away from her other scandals, and lets be honest Jennie wouldn't sacrifice her career if she didn't really like him, and tbh dating bans are stupid, how do you expect your artists to sing bout relationships without having experienced it, she knew what she signed up for but I think she asked YG permission, like she isn't dumb, I think she just realized how dumb datnig bans were, also may idols secretly date, your fave could be dating and you wouldn't know so I don't think Jennie is the only on who should get hate for "ruining BP's career" because all the negative attention is on Jennie, not BP. And then because she got a Solo first, people say Chae(my bias) should have gotten it first, but Jennie got one first because she is an all rounder, and also having a Solo first is a disadvantage, people are more likely to compare yours to others, and YG has more time and experience preparing for the members solo, the one who gets it last(most likely Lisa) is the one at advantage here, and YG knows that, even in Solo YG didn't let Jennie's rap skills shine and the pre-chorus low key didn't fit her voice, the choreo was catchy, but we all know Jennie can dance more complicated and better dances. 

Now for the bitch things

Jennie isn't a bitch sorry, she doesn't have attitude problems that is how close friends act around each other, no more to be said, If a male idol says these things no one would care, thats the tea. And then people hate her for acting cute on running man, she wasn't even acting she was genuinely scared, I get scared super easily too, I can seem like a bitch on the outside but get scared super easily and I care about people, everyone judges Jennie without knowing the real her, they always say she doesn't deserve this attention, but believe it or not she does and she worked hard to get here, stop degrading her bc of a 7 minute clip out of her seven years training and being an idol. She is a beautiful person inside and out and doesn't deserve this.

Reasons why Jennie is the most hated person in kpop: People put words into her mouth, judge her, spread rumors, don't understand what she is going through, and make her out as the enemy, basically they act like they know her better than people who actually know her

ya she is so selfish and jealous of her members wow. Also I think it feels like Jennie is biased mainly because she gets good clothes and CF's but that isn't everything, she is a model, a very successful one which is something she chose to do, not YG told her to do so she could get more attention, but something she loves to do, Jennie is kind of like Korea's it girl,but that isn't because of YG being biased or Jennie being popular, it is because she has a sense of fashion, talent, is caring, and attractive. That is her thing, and all of the members have their own thing, Jennie's thing just gets more attention from the public, and you know what she deserves it. Jennie is already the most hated idol in the industry and she doesn't need more toxic bitches like y'all.

I can't believe this? Jennie and arrogant don't even belong is the same sentence stop saying shit like that, I get how she gives off those vibes but if you actually watch her, most of her "arrogance" is joking, stop twisting what she says, I can't even with antis anymore. 

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Saturday, January 12, 2019

She is an unlkeable person so I can understand...It's not easy to tolerate her since she's an egocentric/arrogant girl


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Also this isn't an article this is a fan opinion and should be under forums <3


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