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An insider says Seungri does not actually own the 'Burning Sun' club


Big Bang's Seungri is not the official owner of the 'Burning Sun' club, according to an insider. 

On January 30, an affiliate of 'Burning Sun' spoke with Sports Kyunghyang and revealed, "It's true Seungri operated 'Burning Sun' but he's not actually the owner."

The insider explained another figure is actually the owner and said, "While working on the interior for the club, the owner overheard that Seungri is looking for a location to run a club so offered to work together to Seungri."

The insider continued, "People think Seungri is the CEO," however, "It's true he predominantly operated the club but he's not the official owner."

Prior to this, KBS reported Seungri resigned from his position as director at 'Burning Sun' last week. 

Meanwhile, netizens are demanding Seungri take responsibility for the assault controversy surrounding 'Burning Sun.' Comments stated, 

"Didn't he say it's his club and it's opening soon when he appeared on 'I Live Alone'?" "He stated many times that it's his own club. Why is he changing his position now?" 

"Trying to dump the responsibility on someone else. Watch him make his military enlistment soon now." 

"Operated the club but doesn't own it... That's bullsh*t. He invested so much money in it and the insider even said he predominantly operated it. He might not be the 'official' owner but he basically is."

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

WHAT REALLY HAPPENED: The club threw Kim out of BS because he harassed women in the club. This exact man had already two precedents of sexual misconduct! And what did Kim do after that? He said he protected a woman of drugs & rape with the 'proof' being a video of a drunk woman, from a different day, that HIT staff inebriated & was dragged out.

RECEIPTS to prove Seungri is innocent:

The TRUTH about the CCTV footage (translation of a Letter From The Security):

"The woman provoked and attacked other guests, and broke the laptop when we were trying to stop her. When she was brought out, before the police came, I was beside her. She hit me and another staff by the face with her fist, we didn’t do anything. She was rude to the police as well. She was brought to the police station due to vandalism, violence and interference of public duties. The next day, she paid compensations and wrote a letter and bought a new computer."

Was Seungri there? NO HE WASN'T. Burning Sun has already clarified that he was not there and was not involved in any of the incidents. Seungri went to Hyoyeon's show, which was on the 23rd of November not the 24th

Is Seungri the CEO? NO! According to an ex-BS official, Seungri was NEVER the CEO! He is an INVESTOR and only a publicity representative of the club, so he has no says in how the club is managed. The most recent update of the company analysis report is from 2018/05 and proves there were at the time only two CEOs, the current ones: Lee Moonho and Lee Seonghyun (not Lee Seunghyun, which is Seungri's real name. There is a difference!!)

Are the incidents RELATED? NO! According to the security, Kim was hit on 24/11 and the women was dragged out of the club on 1/12!


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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

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