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3 K-pop mashups that inspired the artists themselves

As we know, there are plenty of talented K-pop fans worldwide amazing creating mashups and remixes. However, some of them eventually reached out to the original K-pop artists themselves and furthermore inspired them on their performance! Let's check out these absolutely stunning masterpieces of arts that are noticed and loved by the artists!

1. Wonder Girls Instrument Mashup by RYUSERALOVER

RYUSERALOVER is a mashuper known for making creative mashups. Back in 2015, the mashuper uploaded a mashup using the instrument teasers performed by Wonder Girls, prior to the release of their last full album "Reboot". Wonder Girls' members noticed and recognized this amazing piece of mashup and performed it on Yoo Hee-yeol's Sketchbook, grabbing the attention of the fans and audiences.

The original mashup video was deleted according to the mashuper himself, so let's check out the stunning idea and skill the mashuper showcased in its reupload!

2. SPICA's Yang Jiwon's performance on The Unit, inspired by Areia Creations

Yang Jiwon, who was a member of SPICA, auditioned on the survival program The Unit, by performing a fascinating stage using a song by her former group. The judges were impressed by her showcase of vocals at the very first moment, before it changed into an elevating dance break. The remix of the SPICA's song, Tonight, created by a talented remixer Areia Creations was in the background music.

The amazing original remix by Areia Creations is at below, breaking the stereotypes of remixes.

3. Taeyeon's Why in acoustic version with 11:11, inspired by CYT Music

Taeyeon of Girls' Generation held her PERSONA tour concert around many countries. As usual, she performed her soothing and chart-topping ballad number, 11:11. She surprised fans when she sang Why along with the same background instrumental of 11:11. It turned out to be a fan's creation which inspired her, as mentioned in her interview in the PERSONA concert's photobook. Taeyeon herself even wanted to search for the fan!

The mashuper turned out to be CYT Music. Although the original video got some minor controversial about its logo and title, but also by this way the fan's creation was able the capture Taeyeon's attention, and therefore make it real!

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