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[MV & Album Review] Fly to the Sky – 'I'

Fly to the Sky


Track List:

1. Come Thru
2. A Time Limit
3. The Last Day
4. I Don't Remember You
5. A Time Limit  (Inst.)
6. The Last Day (Inst.)

The R&B duo Fly to the Sky has just dropped their third mini-album 'I.' They've been around for a little over 19 years, first as idols, then around 2002 they retooled their sound to a more modern, mature soul sound. Today they are firmly in the R&B camp, as a listen to this album will attest.  

The first track, "Come Thru," is an atmospheric production. Sparse, haunting, with a subtle synth bass sound that goes really well with their vocals. If this song is any indication, they seriously know their stuff. "A Time Limit" is a throwback to more old-school sounds, starting with a piano and developing quickly to a full-blown orchestra. It's more or less a standard ballad, with the vocal crescendos and tender singing. The boys know how to sing, I can tell you that. "The Last Day" is a proper R&B ballad, with the time signatures, beats, and all the other things that make it R&B.

With hearty vocals and some solid production, it sounds different than "A Time Limit," though it still suffers from the same flaws that every. Single. Ballad. has -- the screaming at the end. You could say it's the style, but it's not, because I've heard different ones, so they could maybe turn the tropes on their ear for once. Maybe it's just me, but those two ballads grate on my nerves when they approach the end. The final track is "I Don't Remember You." They drop the ballads here and give you a soft, slow soul tune. Here they shed a lot of pretensions, and it's just a quietly beautiful tune. In my opinion, it's another of the standout tracks on the EP.

The ballads don't fall down until the end and feature the soaring vocals that these boys do so well. The great thing is that they haven't really changed their sound in maybe 16 years. They own it, and they tend to do what they do best. Everything on this EP is perfectly suited to the vocals stylings of this talented duo, and they never stoop to more modern productions like bringing dubstep or rapping into the mix. It's a lush, inviting collection of songs, and just might be the thing to chase the snow away.


The MV is as sad as the song and designed to make those already active tear ducts shed more tears.

Aided by the fantastic vocals, they MV shows us the love interest, walking alone, crying. Of course, we're supposed to understand that she just broke up with the guy, and is now miserable as separated lovers usually are in popular music. We even see a fight as to why.

Of course, the reason she's walking alone is more complex than just a breakup. And it goes through all the cute moments, taking pictures, carrying balloons, going to the fair, and just holding hands and being happy. Then, tragedy strikes.

The next half of the MV is spent showing you what's going on with her, having her shed more tears, clinging to the guy like there's no tomorrow,  drowning the show in a production of tears. The resolution is interesting, even if it confused me some. Like is the cat supposed to be her? And what was up with the locket?

Fan theories will abound, but I have to say -- I enjoyed this. It's brilliantly shot, and definitely one of those MVs you might want to grab extra tissues before watching.


MV Relevance...........9
MV Production..........9
MV Concept..............8

Album Production
Album Concept.........8

OVERALL................ 8.5

  1. Fly to the Sky
  2. I
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