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Posted by yckim124 AKP STAFF Friday, August 17, 2018

Rookie idol Vermuda's Na Kang reveals he's in pain from depression

Vermuda's Na Kang opened up about his sufferings with depression.

On August 16, Na Kang shared a post on Instagram and revealed he's suffering from depression. 

His post stated, 

"I know someone will jump to criticize but pity me who has nowhere else to vent this and just read on. 

I don't know when but depression swept over me one day. I frequently get sad and lethargic and it hurts so bad. I'm trying to overcome it somehow but it's not going well. 

I wonder why I'm like this and why I have to be this way. My self-esteem has dropped for no reason and bad thoughts run through my mind often. Some days I just cry all day like a newborn baby, and some days I just become a violent person for no reason. 

I get so lonely that I just want to meet people but I run away when they actually approach me and I just kept saying no more. 

I can't make any decisions because I can't trust myself who made regretful decisions in everything I did. I can't tie the end to anything.

I'm also going to be regretting this post. It'll once again become meaningless words."

Na Kang debuted as a member of Vermuda in June 2017. Fans are leaving comments of encouragement for the idol, stating, "Please hold on. Stay strong", "We care for you so much", "Stick in there. Things will get better."

누군가는 욕할께 뻔하지만 이런말 할곳이 없어 여기다 쓰는 날 가엾게여기고 그냥 읽어줬으면. 언제부턴지 내가 우울증 이란게 생겨서 자주 슬프고 무기력하고 너무 아파. 어떻게든 극복하려고 노력중인데 그게 잘안되. 내가 왜 이러나 싶어.내가 정말 왜이러나 싶어. 왠지 모르게 자존감이 낮아지고. 좋지못한 생각을 많이하게되고. 어느날은 갓난애처럼 종일 눈물나서 울기만하고 또 어느날은 이유없이 폭력적인 사람이되고 너무 외로워서 사람을 만나고싶다가도 막상 다가오면 도망가고 그만그만 이란 말만하지 항상 모든일에 후회만 하던 날 못믿어서 어떤 선택도 못해 어떤 끝맺음도 못해 나는 이글도 그래 난또 후회할꺼야. 그냥 또 의미없는 말이될꺼야.

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