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Posted by beansss AKP STAFF Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Actress Kim Seo Hyung has sharp criticism towards the media after being involved in marriage rumors with someone she's never met


On August 21, actress Kim Seo Hyung had harsh words to vent her frustration after recently becoming involved in false marriage rumors.

Previously, various media outlets reported that actress Kim Seo Hyung would be getting married to actor Lee Min Woo in October. The rumor allegedly began due to changes made on a Wikipedia page, stating that Kim Seo Hyung and Lee Min Woo's wedding would take place on October 6. Both Kim Seo Hyun and Lee Min Woo's labels promptly denied the rumors afterward, stating, "There's no way these rumors are true."

Sharing a screen capture of one of her marriage articles, Kim Seo Hyung wrote on her Instagram:

"Those around me keep telling me to just forget about it, that it's already done, scratching it will only turn it into crumbs. However, because this is something that happened to me, I can't just let it go. I was so baffled about marriage rumors with someone I've never even met before, so I decided to look into it. It turns out, someone changed a Wikipedia page with content to read that I would be marrying Lee Min Woo, and this page was tossed on from the government team to the media team. We denied the rumors and said I've never met this person, but there were still news articles deeming it as a 'Happening'. But nobody knew anything about this until the news articles came up, so how is it a 'Happening'? If there weren't any news articles in the first place, no one would have known. I heard that anyone can edit a Wikipedia page, so who changed my and Lee Min Woo's pages, and for what purpose? I just don't understand why such information became alerted to the government team, or how it's possible that it like this is even allowed to be reported as news. If people were looking to make issues, am I really an actress worthy of a hot issue? Well now, if anyone ever needs issue-makers in this industry, all they have to do is edit Wikipedia pages. Sure, there are tons of false rumors in this industry, but this seems even lower than that. Everyone tells me to just laugh it off, but I'm not laughing? There are many thoughts in my head tonight."

Meanwhile, actress Kim Ah Joong also became involved in such rumors recently, as unknown sources claimed the actress had passed away unexpectedly. The rumors were proven to be false.
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