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Posted by LeJulie Monday, July 23, 2018

K-POP Idols and their Amazing Hidden Talent

1. Rose's Phantom Arm and Box Talk
Although the cast of 'Knowing Bros' won't admit her unique skill, being able to murmur words in a pretty clear manner is really special. But what also makes Rose super special is her double jointed arm where she can literally turn her arm 360 degrees.
2. Sungjae Pigeon
The way a pigeon moves is definitely entrancing so to be able to mimic it to such perfection is both hilarious and awesome.
3. The8 Martial Arts Master
Sometimes his skills surprise his very own members as well. The nunchuck is not an easy weapon to yield yet The8 carries it with such confidence and strength it's hard not to be amazed.
4. Kyulkyung
Although this is within the realm of music, it's still a unique and beautiful talent to have. The Pipa is a very special and traditional instrument and having that legacy continue is beautiful.
5. ChengXiao's Unmovable Water
There is nothing to say besides she is full of complete and utterly amazing talents and skills.
6. BTS' Own Horror Show
In horror films when you see a humanoid creature come at you in all four it's probably best to stay away. But it's even worse when the humanoid is coming at you upside down on all fours.
7. Flipping tongue Tzuyu
The tongue is one of the most unique muscles in the body and to be able to move it at your command is quite amazing.
8. Changjo the Fire Breather
How this happens I have no clue but you have to admit it's a strange yet fun talent to have.
9. Onew the Nutcracker
Walnuts are surprisingly difficult nuts to crack so when Onew cracks it to literal pieces with just a simple flick of his finger it's pretty amazing.
10. Yuju's Perfect Spin
Matching that of professional ice skaters Yuuju can do amazing spins in the blink of an eye.

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