Posted by Susan-Han Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Netizens' jaws drop at photos one SHINee homemaster took with their 'cannon camera' in the Serengeti

Idol group fans and fansite masters carrying around their huge 'cannon cameras' are the norm nowadays, but netizens took a moment to reflect back on the fanclub where the term "cannon goddess" originates from - SHINee World!

The slang term "cannon goddess" was popularized in 2010-2011, right around when SHINee's popularity skyrocketed. Many regular fans, netizens, and the public in general back then were incredibly shocked when they showed up to an event featuring SHINee, and spotted people sporting giant 'canon cameras' bigger than the ones used by the actual press - just for the sake of obtaining HD photos of SHINee!

The slang term "cannon goddess" is also recorded in the online dictionary as: "A person who is not a professional media photographer; referring to normal people who carry cameras the size of cannons. Used most often to refer to women, popularized among SHINee fans." 

SHINee's "cannon goddesses" are also famous for the following notice from SM: "SHINee fans' fancams, fantaken photos are undeniably notorious for their quality, so we cannot stay quiet any longer. From now on, for those of you who partake in any prohibited filming without prior approval, we will be taking strict actions to prevent such violations so please be advised!"

And another legendary thing among SHINee fans? Amazing photos of wild animals taken in the Serengeti of Africa by a SHINee fan! As you can see in the photos below, each image is watermarked by a SHINee gallery. The photos below are notorious for their jaw-dropping quality, thanks to the particular SHINee fan's experience in taking HD photos of figures from far distances. Check them out below:

Has your jaw dropped yet? Some netizens commented, "Oh yeah, I remember back then is was 'cannon = SHINee' kekekeke. The memories", "There were rumors back then that said if you tried to pick out the most expensive lens at the store they would ask you if you were a SHINee fan kekeke", "Back then we all wondered how the 'cannon goddesses' could carry such heavy things around but now, everyone carries them around", "SHINee was really the original", "Those photos gave me chills, is this national geographic?? It's almost scary kekekeke", "They are seriously pro photographers", "The animal quality is daebak", and more!
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