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Posted by LeJulie AKP STAFF Thursday, May 10, 2018

K-POP Idols as 'The Avengers'

1. Ok Taecyeon as Captain America
Captain America traits include leader, responsible, courage, strength, loyalty, and duty. All of which is held by 2PM's Taecyeon. While both can be fun, they both are very serious people when it comes to their goals and careers. Where Captain America takes great responsibility for protecting the world, Taecyeon takes on huge hurdles to ensure his bandmates and friends are well and happy.
2. Jungkook as Spider Man
Both are the youngest of their team and carry with them a youthful and excitable energy. Despite being the youngest, they are loyal, dedicated, and work hard to ensure that the team sticks together. Plus their carefree personality adds a whole new element to the teamwork.
3. Jackson as Iron Man
Both are an incredibly powerful influence and energetic strategist that do things that best supports themselves and their team. Jackson and Iron Man also share similarities in their cocky yet fun attitude. Considering both are impulsive and competitive they are a perfect match for each other.
4. Choi Siwon as Thor
Incredibly buff and good looking, Choi Siwon and Thor are the perfect match for one another. While both started off cocky and all-powerful in their position, they have grown to be humble and respectable parts of their team.
5. Sehun as Loki
Loki is a master of mischief, trickery, cunningness, and intelligence. There's no other K-POP idol that matches his level of skills as Sehun, EXO's very own mischievous member.
6. Kim Sejeong as Black Widow
Black Widow is an incredibly strong and powerful person with a clear and concise game plan to ensure her success. As a spy and a trained martial artist, Black Widow is someone you do not want to get into a fight with. As a simple human, Black Widow makes a statement for herself as an undeniable asset to Avengers same way Kim Sejeong does. Not only is she strong and incredibly talented but she definitely has made a name for herself in the K-POP industry.
7. Jinwoon as The Hulk
Jinwoon and Bruce Banner/The Hulk are very similar in the sense that when you first look at them they're sweet and cute but when they are agitated their fierce power comes out.
8. Seungkwan as Star Lord
As the mood makers of their respective groups, Seungkwan and Star Lord are both humorous and help to guide their team to success. Star Lord may be silly and random but he always has a plan to ensure success and Seungkwan acts in the same way where he may seem clueless but he definitely always has a goal and a plan to get there.
9. Jennie as Scarlet Witch
Both are images of love and dedication to the things they care most about. Jennie loves her work as a multitalented idol while Scarlet Witch loves Vision and is a multitalented sorcerer.
10. CL as Gamora
Both have suffered a tough life being able to be the person they want to be but held back by so many things. While both have grown to be incredibly powerful women, they both suffered holding in a lot of pain. However, nothing stopped them from striving forward and fighting for what they believe in.
11. G-Dragon as Black Panther
G-Dragon and T'Challa are kings of their own nation and strive to be a great leader for their people. Both face difficulties leading their people and balancing their decisions with expectations of other people. But ultimately both people have proven to be a great and unique leader.
12. YG as Thanos
Both believe what they're doing is the ideal path to make sure the world will be well. Even though Thanos is cruel and unusual he still has a soft spot for his daughter and is relentless in his goal. YG can be said the same where he cares for his company but has his own goals and expectations for the company

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